Whitening Ingredients

Best whitening ingredients supplier offer high quality cosmetic whitening ingredients which can be roughly classified into three types according to the steps of whitening.

(1) The first step of whitening is to inhibit melanin production.

Melanin is one of the most important pigments affecting skin. The inhibition of melanin production is naturally the most significant goal of whitening products. We can provide whitening agents that inhibit melanin production, mainly including AA2G, arbutin and its derivatives, kojic acid and its derivatives, vitamin C and its derivatives, endothelin antagonists, licorice flavonoids, anthocyanins, and green tea, azalea, grape seed, Rhodiola, and other plant extracts.

(2) The second step is blocking melanin transport.

Melanin transport blocker can reduce the transmission rate of melanin to keratinocytes, reduce the melanin content of each epidermal cell layer, and achieve whitening effect. The melanin transport blockers we can provide include nicotinamide, azelaic acid, green tea extract and so on.

(3) The third step is exfoliation.

By softening the stratum corneum, these substances accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells in the stratum corneum, which promotes the metabolism of the epidermis, causing the melanin bodies entering the epidermis to fall off with rapid renewal of the epidermis during metabolism to reduce the effect on skin color. The substances include tartaric acid, lytic protease, etc.

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