Whitening Cream Formula Top-Quality Natural Organic Free-Dry Powder Series

Place of Origin      China
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Form: Powder
Specifications: Freeze-dried powder cosmetics third generation of high nutrition high anti-biomedical

Top-quality natural organic free-dry powder Series
1. Features
Human cloning is utilized in medical bionics transdermal carrier, carrying more than 180 kinds of biological science recipe effective active ingredient into the skin. It can the initiative to "feed" the babies according to their skin condition.
2. Components
The product contains medical bionics transdermal carrier and composite nutrient elements, including 180 kinds of compound ingredients, such as multi-vitamins, small molecule active peptides, DNA, ATP, EGF, BFGF, SOD, vitamin A, E, C, amino acids, and cell activity polypeptide.
Main Function
The product only focuses on one thing that is how to provide balanced nutrition to the skin.
Basic Effect: A progressive effect which is anti-fine moisturizing gloss nutrition will be made in one month after the use.
For instance:
Silk Peptide is extracted from high quality fish scale, by using modern biological technology, to production new nutrition food products. Silk peptide is high pure white powder, it keeps all the nutrition of fish scale raw material, and contains no additive agent. The unique moisturizing characteristics of collagen peptide can keep skin moisturize, bright, clean and whippy. Outside, silk peptide can prevent the damage caused by exposure to the sun, inside, collagen peptide can prevent the free radicals to harm the skin.
1. Our free-dry powder series applies to all people of rich nutrition, skin care, and can improve skin texture, anti-aging.
2. Compared with other products in the market, it is capable of reducing side effects, prolonging the life of effectiveness of products, and enhancing efficacy.
3. It plays a nutritional rehabilitation (non-allergy repair) role in recovering damaged skin.
4. It can be used for a variety of micro-invasive operations (such as profile thorn, etc.) after the repair.

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