What port of loading available for kava powder ?
Most of the time, Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd will choose the port closest to the warehouse. If you have to define a port, please contact our Customer Service.

With years of continuous development, Green Stone has gained a high reputation in the field of Whitening Ingredients. Green Stone has created a number of successful series, and natural plant extract is one of them. Green Stone blueberry extract meet safety obligations and related standards. Its construction and maintenance strictly meet the safety requirements within the Electricity Safety Regulations. The product is not prone to natural color variation. This product features wrinkle resistance. It has been processed with the resin finishing agent on its fibers to enhance its ability to withstand numerous washings without getting creases. The product is essential to improving health.

We are committed to sustainable practices in all that we do. It dictates how we source materials, how we design and manufacture products, and how those products are shipped and delivered. Sustainability is our promise to the environment. Call!
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