What are the types of sunscreen shampoo, which is the best whiteness, sunscreen for fly

by:Green Stone     2020-05-07
Shampoo what are the types of sunscreen, which is the best whiteness, sunscreen for fly now, commonly used shampoo on the market there are three types of sunscreen basic: sunscreen 3255, toning white oil and water soluble titanium dioxide. How they price, the effect and purpose have what difference does it make, today we are going to compare in detail, introduces separately describe write their properties and applications: 1. Sunscreen, 3255: personal care product design of water based styrene/acrylic emulsion, the product can bring liquid product milk or milky appearance. Usually add quantity of 0. 3% - 1. 0%. The solid content is 40%, and most of cosmetics and other personal care products composition compatible. The polymer in normal use is safe. Mainly used in bath products, multi-purpose personal care product formula, liquid soap, shampoo and so on in the formula. 2. The color white oil: toning white oil ( Fatty alcohol ether stearic acid ester emulsion) Is composed of fatty alcohol ether stearic acid ester emulsion of a milky white liquid. Is cosmetic color mixing ingredients. It's white and shading degrees is stronger, such as shampoo, shower gel water-based palette of ideal material. 2%, need to add a suspending agent, otherwise easy to precipitate. 3. The water soluble titanium dioxide, ultrafine titanium dioxide due to its stable chemical properties, high refractive index, high opacity, high hiding power, good whiteness, and non-toxic, widely applied in cosmetics field, cosmetology whitening effect. High whiteness, strong hiding power. Water, oil products it overcomes the general titanium pigment in their dispersed system is not easy to defects, such as precipitation of dispersion, easy to significantly improve its dispersibility and precipitation resistance, make your product more stable and satisfied. Weather resistance is strong, suitable for sunscreen whitening system. With other cosmetics raw material compatibility. Add quantity generally is 0. 1 - 1% difference: 1. Price: water soluble titanium pigment and sunscreen than toning white oil more expensive, but add low, high performance/price ratio, and the former two 2. Use different: sunscreen is mainly used to do 3255 milk white shampoo shower gel and other washing products, the market is now sell like hot cakes; Titanium dioxide is mainly used for imitation and ZPT anti-dandruff agent ( Whiteness illusion) Products, color more white oil is mainly used for low-end products. 3. Precipitation resistance: water soluble titanium dioxide and toning white oil is bad, need to add SF -, etc 1 or TAB Layer 2 and so on to fight, titanium pigment need to add more suspending agent; Sunscreen 3255 a little bit small particle size, keep 3 months without precipitation is no problem. Conclusion: the three contrast, sunscreen 3255 or higher cost performance, especially for some milk white washing products.
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