What about the production flow for natural botanical extracts in Green Stone?
Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd continuously optimize production processes and upgrade production equipment, so that we maintain a dominant position in the botanical extracts field. Through long-term and determined efforts, we have significantly reduced costs and enhanced our competitiveness. Our factory can see efficient production processes.

Green Stone is dedicated into the benefit cosmetics ingredients area for a long time and is highly acknowledged. Green Stone's Anti-acne Ingredients series are created based on unremitting efforts. The product has superior thermodynamic property. It is processed under heat during the production stage, hence, it can work stably under high temperature. The product is generally manufactured through a variety of processes such as chemical synthesis, fermentation, isolation, and combination. This product is not too pricey—especially compared to the price of the projector itself. Yet it makes sure the image is color corrected, adding a few hundred dollars to a home theater project. The product has a beneficial effect on disease prevention.

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