What about the plant size of Green Stone?
With strong manufacturing capabilities and advanced production equipment, our factory is the largest one in the vanilla nut extract production base. We always manage our plants with the highest productivity and quality. Our factory is equipped with large production lines and sophisticated equipment, with talented and experienced engineers.

Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd is well-known and popular in the area of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Green Stone's Moisturizing Ingredients series are created based on unremitting efforts. Green Stone Nutritional Ingredients has gone through a series of tests. These tests include electric safety tests for obtaining national and international approvals, noise emission measurements, and risk analysis. The product is generally manufactured through a variety of processes such as chemical synthesis, fermentation, isolation, and combination. The product is regarded as a resilient material used for building. Besides, it is more secure compared to the glass ones. The product has a beneficial effect on disease prevention.

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