Weight Loss Ingredients

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the global incidence of obesity is increasing. Obesity has become a chronic disease which attracts the attention of health care systems in various countries. Obesity has become a serious global medical and social problem. Diet medicine, it is the medicine with the effect of reducing weight to thin body. As aesthetic concept changes, derivative comes out a kind of medicine that can make people achieve thin body goal.

There are two major types of diet pills currently, pancreatic lipase inhibitors and appetite suppressants that act on the central nervous system. Appetite suppressants are restricted because they can cause adverse reactions in the nervous system. The pancreatic lipase inhibitor, orlistat, helps lose weight by inhibiting the activity of pancreatic lipase and the decomposition and absorption of fat in food.

Weight Loss Ingredients: 5-hydroxytryptophan, Higenamine, Forskolin, Rimonabant, Sibutramine, Sumer

Sibutramine is one of the most widely used bulk drugs in the current weight loss drug market. As a central nervous inhibitor, it can play a role in controlling the intake of excess fat and increasing the decomposition of fat and strengthening the energy consumption. By suppressing appetite and increasing the sense of fullness, and it can reduce the consumption of food and thus reducing the weight. After more than 6,000 patients in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other six countries rigorous efficacy and safety tests, it is nearly 30 years by the United States FDA approval of the first new drug weight loss. Sibutramine has been widely cloned in China since 1992, when the concept of administrative protection for drugs was introduced.

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