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by:Green Stone     2020-05-23
How to solve the shampoo shampoo in jelly phenomenon analysis of the causes of phenomenon of jelly: 1, the total amount of surfactant in cosmetic formulation is too little, some low-end washing products, in order to control costs, watch live dosage is very few, the temperature falls prone to jelly phenomenon; 2, using 638 itself would be a jelly thickener; These compounds in water to form a three-dimensional network structure, will be surrounded by surfactant micelle, low temperature will appear jelly phenomenon; 3, salt dosage is too high, such as NaCl, NH4Cl and other salts, the viscosity of such thickening system are influenced by temperature, under high temperature effect is not obvious, prone to jelly phenomenon in winter. For a jelly products, can from the following two aspects to solve: 1, reducing the amount of salt, use as far as possible, CMEA, OB - 6501 2、CAB- 35 tables such as live thickening; Their distribution has a synergistic effect; The improvement of 2, use special jelly ingredient: such as guangzhou fly rui chemical co. , LTD launched jelly thickening agent 2001. Resistance to jelly thickening agent is a kind of shampoo thickening agent, white powder is tasteless, odourless, washing product under high temperature and low temperature has good solubility, high efficiency of resisting the jelly, and add the quantity is little, greatly reduce the production cost, simple operation, direct dissolve in cold water, is the best choice of producing high quality products, thickening effect is remarkable. Used for shower gel, hand washing liquid and washing products. This article from guangzhou rui chemical co. , LTD. ( http://www。 feiruichemical。 com) Edit, reprint please indicate the source, thank you.
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