Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
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CAS No.: 79-06-1
Molecular Formula: C3H5NO or CH2=CH-CONH2
Molecular weight: 71.079
Appearance: Light yellow powder

COA of Tryptone
PH: 6.5
Clarity: No precipitation, clarification
2.2% aqueous solution: Transparent
Amino nitrogen: ≥3%
Tryptophan: ≥0.8%
Total nitrogen: ≥13%
Ash: 2.38%
Sodium chloride: ≤0.2%
Lead: <2ppm
Loss on Drying: 3.30%

Pancreatic digest of casein obtained with a process to maintain a high level of vitamins and growth factors, it is particularly recommended for a rapid growth and detection of microorganisms present in low concentrations.

Tryptone is the assortment of peptides formed by the digestion of casein by the protease trypsin.Tryptone is spray dried powder derived from high quality casein by controlled enzymatic hydrolysis. It is reach in essential amino acid Tryptophan. It is used in microbial culture medium as a bio available nitrogen source.
Tryptone is commonly used in microbiology to produce lysogeny broth (LB) for the growth of E. coli and other microorganisms. It provides a source of amino acids for the growing bacteria. Tryptone is similar to casamino acids, both being digests of casein, but casamino acids can be produced by acid hydrolysis and typically only have free amino acids and few peptide chains. Casamino acids are similar to tryptone, the latter differing by being an incomplete enzymatic hydrolysis with some oligopeptides present, while casamino acids are predominantly free amino acids.
Tryptone is also a component of some germination media used in plant propagation.
Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.
Storage: Store in a well-closed place with constant low temperature(4℃) and no direct sun light.

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