Chinese Medicine Powder Tongkat Ali Extract

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Latin Name: Tongkat Ali Extract
Part Used: Root
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder
Test Method: UV
Product Specification: 30:1 50:1 100:1 200:1

Tongkat Ali Extract 50:1 100:1 200:1 Wholesale for Male Sex Enhancement
Tongkat Ali contains the effective ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia Jack which works by blocking the negative feedback cycle, as your natural peak is reached. Without Tongkat, your body sends a signal to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus so that initiates a decrease production. The Eurycoma Longifolia Jack from Tongkat Ali blocks this signal, allowing your body to produce at a steadily increasing rate well above your natural level. This steady increase of free in the body has been clinically proved to increase strength and muscle mass, reduce body fat, and increase sex drive.

Tongkat Ali Extract Benifits:
√ High potency aphrodisiac effects, with no side effects
√ Positive effects of improving stress hormone ratio
√ Improving semen volume, sperm motility, quality, and sperm concentration
√ Increasing libido, improving erectile function and improving overall sexual performance of men
√ Promoting weight loss of men
√ Enhancing muscle strength
√ Positive benefits to your immune system
√ Promising anti-cancer effects

Main Function
1.Increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction;
2.Increase muscle mass and strength;
3.Relax prostatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure;
4.Ease fatigue, strong spirit, promote physical fitness and agility;
5.Anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, and anti-rheumatic properties.

Tongkat Ali Extract and Sex:
1. Aphrodisiac
2. Enhances libido
3. Increases fertility
4. Improves sperm quality and quantity
Tongkat Ali Extract and Sport:
1. Natural energizer
2. Spermatogenesis, development of secondary male sexual characteristics, other metabolic functions
3. Increase in muscle mass hypertrophy
4. Increase of power output

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