Thickening of the jelly agent ( Laundry detergent thickener) The purposes and methods of use

by:Green Stone     2020-05-29
Thickening of the jelly agent ( Laundry detergent thickener) The use and usage notes: 1. Take the required number of hot or cold water, into the container, then slowly mix gradually jelly thickener FR2001, resistant powder floating on the surface of the water at first, gradually dispersed by water, stir to form homogeneous slurry, stirring constantly until transparent again. 2. Salt thickening of the time, to the salt water wet or dispersed well. Product performance USES: 1, jelly thickener FR2001, has the very good thickening performance, particularly suited to low bath dew, shampoo, laundry detergent, and other products, and products of high and low temperature stability is good. Fly, chemical professional to provide resistance to jelly thickening agent and other cosmetics raw material formula and technology support. 2, soft and toning effect, FR2001 can also be used to protect hair vegetable, baked ointment system do softening agent, antistatic agent. Friendship remind: fly chemical advantage products: cabo 940, 2020, cabo jelly thickening agent, thickening agent SF - 1, the formula of solid alcohol, lauroyl sarcosine sodium, sunscreen OP301, toning white oil, preservative calzone, DMDMH, emulsified silicone oil DC1785, ZPT anti-dandruff agent, climbazole, cationic cellulose JR400, cationic guar gum, emulsion thickener, 305, amino acid moisturizing factor NMF50, hamamelis distillate, poly quaternary ammonium salt M550, emulsifier A165, 1631, soluble particles, true gold foil, emulsifier A165, water-based lanolin, HA, hyaluronic acid gemma BP, peeling agent, poly quaternary ammonium salt, M550 M2001, vitamin VE, D - Panthenol, red myrrh alcohol
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