The utilization of Powder Dispersion in The Cosmetic

by:Green Stone     2020-06-25
In the cosmetic industry, it can be a difficulty for manufacturers to make the correct formulations of high volumes of powders. The challenge is compounding the powders that include the processing of such ingredients as Carbopol, HPMC, polymers, and xantham gum (highly viscous thickeners, highly hydrophilic), which have difficult to disperse without 'fisheyes.' The production technology and the energy provided in the mixing impacts the final results regarding stability, consistency, and color choice. The most efficient powder dispersers will effectively create a homogenous mixture in a single succeed. Conventional in-tank dispersion and emulsifying methods do not produce the desired results all of the time. Powders and immiscible liquids introduced into a vessel of liquid have to get their way to the mixing impeller to be effectively sheared and dispersed. Very portion of the material introduced will reach the tooling for processing. It's wise random rates of shear leading to over making. The inadequate dispersion leads to waste and results in the production of 'fish eye' lumps. As well, the introduction of unwanted air into the batch mix affects the results making consistency unachievable. Eager to resolve the problem due to higher horsepower mixers will still only damage shear and heat sensitive products. When it comes to formulations and processing inside the cosmetic industry, single-pass mixers, dispersers, and emulsifiers resolves the problems associated with conventional in-tank dispersions and emulsifying methods. The unique single pass technology creates high-quality dispersions and emulsions and maximizes yields by employing the required shear to all the the material in an actual fast single pass. In addition, it comes by using a broad range of tooling that can be specifically tailored to a specific application. Whether you produce make-up powders, cosmetic liquid foundations, lipsticks, creams and lotions, shampoos, and more, a single-pass process can achieve large reduction/dispersion requirement. A single-pass process delivers high product quality that is not really repeatable, predictable, and scalable, it can greatly reduce batch times and energy consumption by as much as 75%. In addition, wasted powder, air entrainment, and batch-to-batch cross contamination are eliminated. A single device can even process multiple applications feeding several batch tanks. The single pass technology has estimated to be effective for the dilution of high active surfacants along with the high speed dispersion of Bentonite Clay surfaces. When the Bentonite Clay has been introduced and blended, a single pass of the solution through the high shear, fine radial tolerance Z Emulsifier will achieve the utmost viscosity building properties of the Bentonite Clay. The single pass technology will produce lump free dispersion of carbomers and polymers. Carbomers and Polymers are used as rheology modifiers or structure building agents in a broad range of applications including Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Industrial products, and Home Care, because of our excellent stabilizing, thickening, and suspending family homes. The benefits of the single pass method with a broadband disperser in the manufacturing of cosmetics made the single-pass processing method a popular choice that is rapidly growing purchased as the technology measures up to your high standards set by the cosmetic industry.
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