The performance of the cationic cellulose JR400 purpose is introduced

by:Green Stone     2020-04-13
The performance of the cationic cellulose JR400 USES introduce product introduction JR400 cationic cellulose ( Poly quaternary ammonium salt 10) By hydroxyethyl cellulose with water chlorination reaction product of a glyceryl ammonium chloride. Cationic cellulose is a good reason. Repair and water-soluble polymers. It is using the latest production of chemical process, the part of cation polymer distribution more uniform in the fiber link. Product features 1. In the hair surface adsorption precipitation effect. 2. Repair hair tip split ends. 3. Repair the cuticle. 4. Stratum corneum moisture absorption. 5. Ease stimulus. Product nature JR400 cationic cellulose is white or light yellow to the free flow of powder, soluble in water and water immiscible solvent mixtures, colorless or pale yellow solution. Transparent, cationic cellulose is not soluble in ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, its aqueous solution of alcohol tolerance change with polymer concentration. Applications for senior liquid soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc. Usage JR series cationic cellulose is water-soluble polymer, its solubility in water is very transparent, when using the JR powder slowly join in aqueous solution, the mixing of powder scattered accelerated after mixing and heating can accelerate powder dissolved. Recommended dosage of 0. 2% - 0. 5%, in order to make the cationic cellulose swelling fast, can add a little lye ( Sodium hydroxide or triethanolamine, etc. ) 。 Packing and storage: use bottled, lined with polyethylene plastic bags. 25 kg/barrel. Store in a cool and dry ventilated place
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