The performance characteristics of sodium lauroyl sarcosine LS30 and USES

by:Green Stone     2020-05-15
Sodium lauroyl sarcosine LS30 performance characteristics and purposes of performance description: lauroyl sarcosine sodium LS30 is a very mild surfactant, can form fine and persistent foam, with other surfactants distribution, has the very good synergistic effect, can reduce the traditional surfactants produced by stimulating and improving the foaming power. Used for daily cleansing, children. And personal wash bath products. Fly rui chemical professional provide lauroyl sarcosine sodium LS30 cosmetics raw material formula and technology support. Product use: ( 1) In mineral flotation, it with cationic surfactants have good synergy, achieve higher flotation efficiency. ( 2) Is advantageous to the emulsion on the detergent, osmosis, solubilization. ( 3) Superior, foamability and foam is exquisite, durable, suitable for the foam agent, shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics shaving paste materials; ( 4) Has antibacterial sterilization, mouldproof and corrosion resistant, antistatic ability. ( 5) Pickled vegetable oil, but heavy oil viscosity reduction agent, anti-rust agent, heat stabilizer, combustion improver, etc. ( 6) Biological aspects and can be used for RNA, DNA segregation, as the solute in cell purification, DNA was isolated from human serum additives, can also be increased by adding the crystal production leguminous plants rhizobia nitrogen fixation ability, also have many applications in immune chemistry. ( 7) As a corrosion inhibitor, rust remover in metal processing, etc. ( 8) In pharmacology, pharmaceutical science: N - Sodium lauroyl sarcosine can reduce the stimulation of vitamin E for skin, increase the absorption of vitamin, increasing the antimicrobial properties of eye ointment, persistence, can be used as an anesthetic additive, also used as anti-cancer drug intermediates. ( 9) In the agricultural chemicals and biological regulator. As pesticide blending agent, can reduce pesticide irritation and toxicity, increase its activity. ( 10) Lubricant additives. ( 11) Coatings, printing ink additives, increase the compatibility and stability. ( 12) Electroplating industry, can be used as a precious metal plating lacquer. ( 13) In the dye industry, is conducive to the formation of compound excitation state between dye.
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