The performance and the application of the laurel acyl glutamic acid sodium

by:Green Stone     2020-05-21
Performance and the application of the laurel acyl glutamic acid sodium ( Summary 】 Laurel acyl glutamic acid sodium chemical name: N - Laurel acyl - L - Sodium Glutamate, INCI Name: Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, is a kind with amino acids in the molecular skeleton, amino acid surfactant foaming performance, also has a peculiar mild acyl amino acid surfactant, easily biodegradable, use safety, low to eyes and skin irritation, no allergic reaction, is very gentle skin and hair cleaner, make the skin feel soft and moist after washing. With other anionic surface active agent, such as AES, fatty acid soap compatibility, can reduce the residue on the skin, thus reducing the irritating to the skin. Can be used in the preparation of shampoo, facial cleanser, liquid soap, baby shampoo, etc. ( Fly rui chemical industry to provide you with high quality laurel acyl glutamic acid sodium cosmetics raw materials) 【 Index] 1. Appearance: white powder solid; 2. The content of active matter ( %) ≥93; 3. Acid value ( mgKOH / g) : 105 - 140; 4. PH value ( 25 ℃, 10% aqueous solution) : 4. 5 - 6. 5; 5. Volatile ( %) ≤8【 Application range 】 1. Special skin care effects bath dew, shampoo; 2. Damaged hair or dry hair shampoo; 3. Soap base cleansing cream, weak acid cleansing cream. 4. Baby products; 5. Shaving cream. 6. The auxiliary emulsifier in O/W emulsion products; 7. Toothpaste 【 Properties 】 1. Sodium lauroyl glutamate from natural sources of fatty acid and glutamic acid salt to condensation and become, is a kind of amino acid surfactant, excellent foaming performance. 2. Mild skin, hair, clean with amino acid surfactant, almost not be absorbed by the skin, not allergic, not cause stimulation, can give skin silkiness soft, moist feeling. 3. Biodegradation performance, the use of safe and has no negative impact on the environment. 4. To Yin, Yang, compatibility, nonionic and other amphoteric surfactants can reduce the residue on the skin of less irritating to the skin. 5. In hard water washing is good, still can show very good cleaning effect and foaming performance. 6. Made as powder, widely used in water liquid, paste, latex foam cleanser and other products.
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