The performance and application of the sunscreen OP301 is introduced

by:Green Stone     2020-04-26
The performance and application of the sunscreen OP301 introduction generic names: sunscreen OP301, styrene, acrylic acid copolymer emulsion styrene chemical name, English name acrylate copolymer StyreneAcrylates CopolymerCAS NO. 9003 - 53 - 6 sunscreen OP301 quality indicators appearance white latex solid content ( DIN 53189) 39 - 41% viscosity ( DIN 53019 - 1) The largest, 50 mPa. SPH value ( 喧嚣ISO 976) 2. 05 - 2. Average particle size of about 5 0. 17 mu ionic anion product category cosmetics sunscreen sunscreen OP301 opal agent product introduction sunscreen OP301 as water based styrene acrylic emulsion polymers, they are designed for non-ionic and anionic, mild cation system, as the preparation of personal care products, household, industrial washing cleaning products the best choice. Sunscreen OP301 styrene acrylic emulsion is a special homogeneous emulsion polymer ( Acid) , professional for personal care products, household, industrial washing cleaning products, because of its PH 2. 05 - 2. 5, its resistance microbes. 1 sunscreen OP301 product characteristics. Sunscreen OP301 can make the liquid product is emulsion, usually add the quantity to zero. 1 - 1. 0%. 2. Sunscreen OP301 usually join (in the final stage of production The final PH adjusted) 。 To avoid interference of the final product, usually with four times diluted with deionized water slowly to join in the final product, joined, stirring constantly. 3. All sunscreen products for stability testing. In four weeks stability experiment 1 under the following conditions. 2 at the room temperature. Heat the 40 - 45℃3. Cool the 4 - 6℃4. Frozen thawed, three circulation. Sunscreen OP301 product applications are normally used for personal care, household appliances, such as shampoo, bath, laundry and washing the dishes, household cleaners. Sunscreen OP301 store proposal 1. Sunscreen OP301 freezing thawing is not stable, so keep temperature 5 - 35℃。 If in this condition and reason, not open container to save, the product warranty for 18 months ( From the production date to remember) Or better. 2. If the products exist in diluted state, need to add preservatives.
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