The application of pearl in beauty care cosmetics

by:Green Stone     2020-05-02
Pearl application in the hairdressing health care cosmetics at present, the pearl of the application is very extensive, especially its unique efficacy in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical care, more and more attention by people. Pearls in skin care cosmetics, mostly in pearl enzymolysis liquid, add in the form of nanometer pearl powder. Pearl contains more than 20 amino acids, which are cells to survive and make it dynamic. Combine them by peptide bonds to form more peptide substances, can stimulate the biosynthesis of large molecules such as proteins, promote epithelial cells of the epidermis, cutin cell and other cell proliferation, growth and division, to restructure the skin inner layer, so as to promote skin metabolism, help pick up the cells of nutrition absorption. Another pearl contains keratin protein and keratin cells lipid constitute the cell membrane of protecting natural moisturizing factor, not only to prevent the loss of natural moisturizing factor, and proper control of the moisture spread outward from the skin, keep the corneous layer water content. In addition, pearl contains trace elements can be through the clearance of surface cells and glands are dermal absorption, thereby improve skin nutrition and circulation, regulate the skin ph value, as well as increase the elasticity of skin cells. Foreign experts, the study found pearl components of the alkaline phosphate has increased the role of the human body skin cell vitality, can prevent cellular aging and deterioration. So in skin care products, such as adding pearl cream, emulsion and foam cleanser, can rise to effective care nutrition skin, prevent skin aging, skin softening effect. Due to the penetration of other active ingredients in the pearl, effectively strengthen the cheese ammonia enzyme activity of mediation and control, to slow its transformation and oxidation, and regulate the function of the body's secretion, effectively improve the melanin of skin calm, therefore, can have the effect of whitening, spot. In cosmetic make-up classes, pearls are mostly in the form of pearl powder added. Super fine pearl powder is added in the foundation, powdery cake, not only can inhibit the secretion of skin grease, whiten and raise colour, also can make the face appear exquisite bright-coloured colour and lustre. Pearl powder added to the lipstick, can prevent dry lips and keep lips smooth and elastic. Pearl hair in class also have many applications in cosmetics. Body hair is a kind of protein and rich in a variety of amino acids and trace elements. The effective active ingredient of pearl can rise to maintain a healthy hair, prevent hair loss, shortage of supplementary material. Especially the trace elements copper, in the pearl to improve hair quality has very big help. The health care function of pearl is very clear. Expert analysis of the main components of the pearl for calcium carbonate, protein, moisture and including iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, manganese, strontium, germanium and other trace elements and amino acids. Modern medicine and clinical trial results show that long-term use of pearl powder can enhance activity of iodine, promote eggs mature element and increase the secretion of testosterone, the value of blood estradiol/testosterone decreased significantly, testosterone/luteinizing hormone significantly increased, the weight - had significant effect on the function of gonadal axis, can rise to enhance memory, improve appetite and adjusting plant nerve function, such as anti-aging effect. Pearl to human cells have repair and regeneration effect, it can cause human body cell growth of collagen, the collagen cells can fill the gap in a timely and effective manner, adhesion, repairing wounds, make the body to regenerate. Pearl contains proteins also have repair effect to ulcer. Internal and external use pearl powder, for the treatment of conjunctival congestion 'disabled, boil, eczema, peptic ulcer disease has good curative effect. TCM holds that taking pearl powder to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, efficacy significantly for a long time, in addition to high blood pressure patients have antihypertensive effect, still can improve the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, cardiovascular disease, improve heart function, etc. More valuable is, pearl contains germanium, selenium substance or cancer, they can make human body blood interferon increase, reduce the electric potential of cancer cells to make the split proliferation function changes, thus inhibiting cancer cell proliferation. Now, the pearl is approved by the ministry of health more than 20 species of one of the material can be used as a new resource food. With the continuous development of science and technology, believes that the scientific research and application of pearl will further deepen and expand. This article from guangzhou rui chemical co. , LTD. ( http://www。 feiruichemical。 com ) Edit, reprint please indicate the source, thank you.
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