Cryptotanshinone Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root Extract

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Specification: Salvianolic acid B 8% ,Tanshinone IIA 0.3%
Botanical Name: Radix Salvia miltiorrhiza / Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge.
Active Ingredient:Salvianolic Acid B, TanshinoneIIA
Part Used: Root
Appearance: Light Orange Red Powder

Tanshinone IIA 1-98% Salvianolic Acid B 60% 70% Cryptotanshinone Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root Extract Danshen Extract
Danshen (salvia miltiorrhiza/red sage/Chinese sage) root is widely used in Chinese medicine for circulation problems, chest pains (angina pectoris), and other cardiovascular diseases. It is also used for menstrual disorders,chronic liver disease, chronic kidney problems and insomnia caused by complaints such as rapid heartbeatand tight chest. Danshen is believed to relieve skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It is also used to relieve bruising and to aid in wound healing.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Danshen Extract has been used to prevent and treat heart conditions and strokes. Results from animal and human studies support these uses of danshen to some extent because danshen is known to decrease the blood's ability to clot in at least two ways. First, it limits the stickiness of blood components known as platelets. It also decreases the production of fibrin--threads of protein that trap blood cells to form clots. Both these effects help to improve blood circulation. In addition, chemicals in danshen may relax and widen blood vessels, especially those around the heart. In animal studies, chemicals in danshen may also have protected the inner linings of arteries from damage. Some other research suggests that danshen potentially may increase the force of heartbeats and slow the heart rate slightly. All these effects potentially could improve heart function and help to restore functioning after a stroke, but they need more study before danshen can be recommended.

Main Function
1.Danshen extract Powder is effective for the acne and comedo.
2.Danshen extract can reat hepatitis and lepra disease.
3.Danshen extract has the usage of Anti-infection and anti-inflammatory.
4.Danshen extract is used to cure the coronary heart disease, and to improve the coronary artery circulation.

1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, salvia miltiorrhiza extract powder is mainly used as raw material for clearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on.
2.Applied in health industry, salvia miltiorrhiza extract powder is mainly used raw material of product for benefiting stomach, increasing energy and boosting the immunity.


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