TAIslim Ingredients

by:Green Stone     2020-07-01
TAIslim Ingredients PHOENIX, AZ - October 28, 2009 - FreeLife International recently presented the running results of several human clinical studies on TAIslim, its proprietary triple patent pending liquid weight loss supplement, at the 27th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society. This important conference, kept in Washington, DC, brought together the world's leading players in the realm of obesity - from basic and clinical researchers and clinicians to educators, advocates, policy shapers, and practitioners. At the conference, FreeLife's Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Haru Amagase presented research on the impact of TAIslim on weight management. He discussed TAIslim's unique mode of action and the significant reductions in body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist and hip circumferences observed in several controlled human studies. TAIslim was also found to cause significant improvements over placebo in blood pressure, fasting glucose levels, and total body fat subject matter. The formula was developed after weight loss benefits were noted in clinical studies on two other FreeLife supplements - GoChi and Chi3 Energy, both of which are based located on the Asian goji berry (Lycium barbarum). FreeLife's findings on TAIslim will be published in the respected journal Bodyweight. 'These results are very interesting and promising,' remarked Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge, noted obesity research expert and Assistant Professor at St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital and New York Obesity Research Center at Columbia Or even. She added, 'The rise in energy expenditure (i.e., fat burning) with these goji-based products is and also suggests a mechanism by which can easily assist in weight loss.' Learn more about TAIslim Ingredients at http://wcmg.taislim.com 'Lycium barbarum is certainly an interesting herb,' stated Dr. Norman 3rd thererrrs r. Farnsworth, world-renowned Professor of Pharmacognosy (study of plant-based medicines) in the University of Illinois at Chicago. 'Clinical studies have shown multiple health benefits for humans, thinking about general well-being, for immune-modulation, and for your antioxidant effects. The medicinal properties of Lycium barbarum conventional Asian medicine correlate well with recent scientific studies. It appears that the active compounds in Lycium barbarum are polysaccharides (LBP) on which the TAIslim product is standardized.' FreeLife is reduce costs company to perfect a difficult and demanding proprietary process and create the most highly standardized connected with the goji berry available in society today. According to FreeLife's Dr. Amagase, 'TAIslim is given that they product on business that combines standardized goji LBP using a proprietary blend of synergistic natural ingredients, and we believe that our research demonstrates great promise for any seeking safe, effective and sustainable weight management. We are honored to have the ability to share our significant study results with the best and brightest experts and scientists in obesity research.' With three patents pending, the TAIslim formula is a direct result FreeLife's continuing commitment to cutting-edge science and human clinical examine. No other weight loss product can approach TAIslim's exclusive formula, scientific innovation, or clinically demonstrated effectiveness. Learn more about TAIslim Ingredients at http://wcmg.taislim.com
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