Suspension stability thickener SF - 1 outstanding ability of suspension

by:Green Stone     2020-04-10
Suspension stability thickener SF - 1 good suspension thickening agent SF - suspension ability A polymer is a kind of mild crosslinking acrylic ester copolymer. It is a new type of liquid acrylic rheological modifier, used in surfactant based personal cleaning products and soap base cleaning products, can have the effect of suspension, stable, thickening, and can improve product appearance. Thickening agent SF - 1 high polymer is a kind of cost effective, easy to use products, has many advantages. It is mainly used for transparent shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning agents; Pearly shampoo and opaque cleaner; Polymer containing silicone oil conditioning products; Low PH value of the face and body cleaning products; Soap base class cleaning products. ( Fly rui chemical industry to provide you with stable suspension thickening agent SF - 1 cosmetics raw materials) Liquid cabo SF - The major advantages of the polymer is as follows: 1. Suspension stability capacity: in used in the manufacture of all kinds of surfactant based cleaning products, thickening agent SF - 1 excellent ability of suspension stability, even in low viscosity formula also did well. Even if like siloxane emulsion are not easy to dissolve, difficult to stable raw material can easily be stable. 2. Transparent formula: use the thickening agent SF - 1 polymer can be prepared high transparency of shampoo, bath liquid and other cleaning products. 3. Thickening and rheological control: thickening agent SF - 1 polymer can effectively clear formula for shampoo, bath liquid and other products to increase viscosity, and make it have ideal rheological properties. 4. Easy to use liquid form: thickening agent SF - A polymer is a low viscosity liquid, easy to mix with other formula materials quickly. 5. Strengthen the pearl effect: in surfactant based system, thickening agent SF - 1 polymer can significantly increase the system used by the visual effect of pearl mica and other additives. 6. With salt and surfactant thickening effect: thickening agent SF - 1 polymers with salt and surfactant synergy, for all kinds of suspension, stability and thickening requiring a different choice. 7. High pH adaptability: thickening agent SF - 1 polymer effective pH range very wide: from 3. 5 to 10. 0 or higher. The polymer has a unique ability, that is, in the first time and again after acidification, the suspension, stability and thickening performance will be improved, a phenomenon known as 'acid' ( 回来, 酸) Thickening. 8 surface active agent compatibility: thickening agent SF - 1 polymer with almost all commercial nonionic, anionic, and amphoteric surfactants are compatible, at the same time with many commonly used such as cationic polymer additives and conditioners are incompatible. Suspension thickening agent SF - 1 polymers are recommended for antibacterial hand sanitizer products. ZPT suspended, silicone oil, suspending agent, suspending agent, color particle suspension ZPT, silicone oil, make the product has good stability. Applicable to shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, skin cream, sunscreen, foundation emulsion and waterborne emulsion.
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