Suspension stability thickener SF - 1 ( Liquid cabo) The use of

by:Green Stone     2020-05-24
Suspension stability thickener SF - 1 ( Liquid cabo) The use of Outlines and performance characteristics: liquid cabo SF - 1 is a kind of rheological additives, is a slightly crosslinked acrylic anion ( Ester) Kind of copolymer, alkali swelling type emulsion. In personal care products have the effect of suspension, thickening, emulsification. Suspending agent SF - 1 white emulsion is soluble in water, low viscosity, easy to use. It in the formula of salt tolerance ability, excellent compatibility with anionic, nonionic surfactants, high yield value, can be suspended insoluble, difficulty in suspension components or particles, shearing resistance, resistant to divalent ions and oxidant resistance and other excellent performance. Can provide personal washing formula with beautiful appearance, excellent transparency in the transparent formula, enhance its bright pearl effect in pearl products. The association type rheological modifier. In shampoo system can be suspended ZPT, powder, silicon oil and other insoluble components, have stable at the same time, the action of thickening, emulsification. Used to make transparent products. Fly suspending agent SF - provides professional chemical industry 1 ( Liquid cabo) Cosmetics raw materials formula and technology support. Application field: 1. Transparent shampoo, shower gel, facial cleaning products or products containing particles. 2. Pearly shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning products. 3. Containing high molecular weight, large size siloxane regulate products such as: shampoo, dandruff shampoo, moisturizing body wash. 4. Foundation cream, foundation emulsion 5. Sunscreen, emulsion 6. Thickening containing ethanol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin formula 7. Hair dye method of use: 1. In emulsified formulation method of use: the SF -, etc Soluble in water at room temperature, 1 to join the other components of water phase, heated to 70 - 80℃。 In another container of mixed oil phase and heated to the required temperature. Add oil phase to water phase, homogeneous emulsion. Join the neutralizer to pH adjustment to neutral mixing while cooling to 40 ℃, preservatives. 2. Shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning products in the method of use: the suspending agent SF - 1 add water, add the AES surfactants such as stir until completely dissolved, adding organic alkali or inorganic alkali solution pH to six adjustment. 5 - 7. 0, to join the other components in formula, stir evenly, adjust pH and viscosity to the required range.
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