Suspending agent SF - 1 ( Liquid cabo) In the application of washing products

by:Green Stone     2020-04-10
Suspending agent SF - 1 ( Liquid cabo) In the application of washing products SF -, etc 1 is anion type hydrophobic modified acrylic acid alkali swelling association type rheological modifier. Applied to the high content of surfactant system thickening and rheological modification. Fly suspending agent SF - provides professional chemical industry 1 ( Liquid cabo) Cosmetics raw materials formula and technology support. Liquid cabo SF - 1 with high content of surfactant system has good compatibility. Of the polymer material has a very comprehensive toxicology data. Of the above and to the ph value of 6, rapid thickening to transparent, under low ph value, thickening of content of surfactant solution, has showed the shear thinned thickening of the solution. Used to wash products, and cover the difficult thickening surfactant system is very effective. This product has a higher cellulose thickener sag resistance, at the same time, with greater pseudoplastic rheological properties. Suspending agent SF - 1 is widely used in hair care products, cream, lotion, facial cleanser and body wash, hair removal agent and difficult to thickening of the surfactant system, can stabilize the emulsion and the suspended particles. Over the years has been safe use in a variety of daily necessities, all kinds of liquid detergent and detergent products. Suspending agent SF - 1 to low viscosity liquid supply, easy to dump and pumped, batch use and application of automatic metering device conveniently, does not contain harmful to the health or the environment of the elements, and has reliable anti microbial and enzyme degradation performance. Determine the use of this product according to customer design, suggest to add for the formula of the total amount of 0. 5% - 4. 0%. Customers can also according to the different requirements and other kinds of thickening agents, in order to meet the requirements of formula design of viscosity and rheological properties.
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