Suspending agent SF - 1 how to suspended particles of color and pearly slurry

by:Green Stone     2020-05-26
Liquid cabo SF - 1 SF -, etc 1 shampoo layered agent chemical name: suspension stabilizer SF - 1 SF -, etc 1 :CAS: 25133- 97 - 5, rheological modifier is anionic acrylic copolymer, applicable to the high content of surfactant system particle suspension and the rheological and thickening of the modification, the component of polymer materials have very complete toxicology data. Of the above and to the PH value of 6, rapid thickening to transparent, low PH value of thickening can be done by back titration acid. 科幻小说, 1 to low viscosity liquid supply, easy to dump and pumped, batch use and application of automatic metering device conveniently, does not contain harmful to the health or the environment, and has reliable anti microbial and enzymatic degradation of performance. Over the years has been safe use in a variety of daily necessities, all kinds of liquid detergent and detergent products. ( Fly, suspending agent SF - chemical industry to provide you with high quality 1) 科幻小说, The performance characteristics of 1:1. High ability of suspension, suspension grinding particle insoluble components, such as can effectively stabilize silicone oil, 2 stable water-in-oil emulsion system. Low viscosity products, easy to use 3. Used in a wide range of PH, by back titration acid can effectively under the condition of low PH thickening 4. Extremely high pseudoplastic and high yield value 5. High transparency and other raw materials widely compatibility, can be coordinated with surfactant and salt thickening 6. Have excellent viscosity stability, particularly 7 provides a smooth flow of rheology. Increase pearl effect in surface or agent system, can provide smooth for shampoo shower gel and beautiful appearance. Suspending agent SF - 1 technical indicators: 1. Appearance: milky white liquid. 2. Viscosity ( PH7。 5, 1 % aqueous solution) : 4000 - 8000mPa. s3. Solid content: 30 + 24. PH: 2. 1 - 3. 8 guangzhou fly rui chemical co. , LTD. , professional to provide you with: liquid cabo SF - 1 SF -, etc 1 shampoo layered remover, quality assurance, to provide samples, quantity is with preferential treatment, welcome procurement welcome to inquire! ! ! Supply sunscreen specifications, suspending agent SF - wholesale supplies 1, suspending agent SF - supply 1 use method, suspending agent SF - supply 1 note, suspending agent SF - supply 1 the product description and other relevant information, welcome your consultation and look at it. Contact mike manager, 13928831455, 020 - by fax 23301239, website: http://www. feiruichemical。 Com, QQ: 781667259 professional provide: liquid cabo SF - 1 SF -, etc 1 shampoo layered remover share to:
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