Sunscreen, shampoo, sunscreen, sunscreen OP301, sunscreen for flying, milk white

by:Green Stone     2020-04-30
Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen OP301 shampoo sunscreen for fly milk Bai Jieshao: sunscreen 3255 is designed for home supplies and the design of the shading effect that opal and fabric care products. With continuous light milky white. In cation system stability. High whiteness. In a certain formula. To improve the stability of the whole system. Enhanced dye effect. Effective under low dosage. And be able to cover the amber. Shampoo sunscreen contains no APE. No du. Low residual monomer! Method of use: recommended to add shading opal agent 3255 at the end of the production. After add pigment, salt, essence, etc. The PH value in the end. Avoid potential outstanding cohesion. Products with water (at least four times Deducted from the formula of water) Dilution. Then slowly add. Stir. In the process of joining to ensure good agitation. Sunscreen in the temperature 5 ~ 35 degrees, kaifeng 3255 containers. Shelf life for 18 months or longer. If the store sunscreen 3255 diluted. You need to other preservatives. Suggest to add quantity as follows: 0. 3 - 0. 8%. Helpful hints: the difference between the shampoo sunscreen and toning white oil embodies as follows. 1. Cosmetic ingredients. Sunscreen, 3255 for the chemical composition of water based styrene/acrylic emulsion, appearance is more thin, like water. Can give milk or milky appearance. Sunscreen 3255 is compatible with most of the raw material component of cosmetics, safe environmental protection. While toning white oil ( Fatty alcohol ether stearic acid ester emulsion) Is composed of fatty alcohol ether stearic acid ester emulsion a milk white viscous liquid, and consistency than sunscreen thick, system oil soluble, is one of the cosmetic color mixing ingredients. It's white and shading degrees is stronger, such as shampoo, shower gel water-based palette of ideal material. 2. Add a quantity. Sunscreen 3255 add 0. 3 - 0. 8% can achieve ideal effect of milky white, color of white oil content is 2%, and white oil and increase product thick feeling. 3. The precipitation resistance. Sunscreen and toning white oil is will precipitate, white oil itself is oily, precipitation speed slightly faster. If product requirements to prevent a year, you compare with SF, -, etc 1, can prevent shampoo stratification. Professional supply: sunscreen, shampoo, sunscreen, sunscreen OP301, sunscreen for flying, milk white
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