Sunscreen (3255 Sunscreen find flying red) Performance and application in shampoo

by:Green Stone     2020-04-30
Sunscreen (3255 Sunscreen find flying red) Performance and application in shampoo product introduction: 3255 is a kind of applicable to sunscreen surfactants based on general shampoo, sunscreen, high whiteness is best suited for moderate slightly acidic PH range formula, contain most, inorganic electrolytes, the medium level, such as mild shower gel and shampoo fatty acid liquid soap, hand sanitizer, product advantages: give a unified exterior opaque and milk formula, effectively hiding in amber formula, products excellent thick degree, high whiteness or downy colour effect, the dye recipe, good compatibility, allowed to use in a variety of products, plus the quantity is little, the effect significantly, easy to use mobile liquid. Method of use: 0. 3% - 0. 8%, according to the need for the appearance of the final product, in order to obtain the biggest effect, it is recommended that sunscreen products diluted with water to increase add part ( After PH adjustment, dye, salt, spices, etc. ) , in addition, should keep good mixing, in addition to the whole process. If the dilution is impossible, sunscreen 3255 also can be directly added to the shampoo formula, slow and have good agitation. Compatibility: there are several formula parameters, can affect a developing formula, such as electrolyte and cation composition, PH value and the level of the choice of surfactants, stability. In sunscreen, sunscreen all of the different surface, in these systems, sunscreen has across a variety of applications. Has the most wide compatibility. Safety: sunscreen 3255 also has a personal care product widely toxicological security configuration, non-toxic, tasteless. Storage: sunscreen should be saved in the 5-3255 40℃. If exposed to below 4 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ temperature over time may become unusable.
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