Sunscreen, 3255 how to give the appearance of the shampoo is milk white

by:Green Stone     2020-04-29
Sunscreen, 3255 how to give the appearance of milk white shampoo shampoo sunscreen 3255 is liquid styrene/acrylic emulsion, designed for home supplies and fabric care products shading effect that opal and design, the polymer can provide liquid products with the appearance of the milk or latex, just add 0. 1 - 1. 0%. Containing 40% solid content, and the vast majority of home supplies and the composition of the fabric care products are compatible. Can anticorrosive, 3255 as representatives of shading opal agent anti-corrosion test has been done in different conditions. Existing 304 l stainless steel container heat sensitive to temperature, no corrosion, also didn't see the product color change, even when 60 c for 378 hours. Using 304 l and 316 l stainless steel welding containers also get the same result. Fly rui chemical shading opal agent provides professional cosmetics raw material formula and technology support. Sunscreen performance: continuous shading milky white, covered the amber, high whiteness, effective under low dosage, enhance the effect of dye, excluding APE, liquid, low residual monomer, scope of application: car cleaning agent, washing the dishes, liquid soap, the general formula, hand washing formula. Method of use: in the production of add, after add pigment, salt, essence and so on, finally adjust PH value. In order to avoid potential condensation, the product with water (at least four times Deducted from the formula of water) Stirred by dilution, and then slowly add, stir in process to ensure the good. Fly rui chemical advantage products: sunscreen, lauroyl sarcosine sodium, formula of solid alcohol, cabo 940, 2020, cabo emulsion thickener, liquid cabo SF - 1, ZPT anti-dandruff agent, resist jelly thickening agent, toning white oil, emulsified silicone oil DC1785, preservative calzone, preservative DMDMH, cationic cellulose, climbazole, 305, amino acid moisturizing factor, cationic guar gum, hamamelis distillate, poly quaternary ammonium salt M550, emulsifier A165, soluble particles, true gold foil, poly quaternary ammonium salt M2001, water soluble lanolin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin VE, D - Panthenol, red myrrh alcohol
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