Study on Whitening Effect of Oral Glutathione

by:Green Stone     2020-07-02
The world is really wonderful. On one hand, the caucasian advocates tan tanning. While on the opposite hand, people with darker skin have been trying to find white magic pills. Topical, oral, or intravascular injection of a variety of whitening ingredients, are now widely used by cosmetic raw material suppliers their market. Many topical compositions play the role in melanin biosynthesis. The sunscreen ingredients are also widespread for facial whitening. With the needs of your body whitening oral composition also popular, tranexamic acid is one of them (popular in the Asian region, especially inJapan). Oral methotrexate bad acid (a protease inhibitor) whitening, with its long-term security, the current lack of sufficient evidence to support. Another oral whitening ingredients are glutathione, by influencing the activity of tyrosinase inhibition of melanocyte generation; more importantly, when glutathione or cystine for black flaky cells or melanoma cells, of melanogenesis channel from the of eumelanin into a false melanin. After oral administration, glutathione's gastrointestinal absorption is poor. So in many countries (especially for Southeast Asian countries), glutathione has been used for vascular injection. Recently, intravascular injection of glutathione whitening popular in Thailand, to stop serious allergic reactions, the government is considering to be prohibited. In this context, the efficacy of oral glutathione whitening randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to determine whether oral glutathione affect the skin melanocyte index. The experiment randomly selected 60 patients, divided into the treated group and control group, an endeavor period of month. Melanocyte determination in six parts of your body (including the face, arm board exposed to sunlight and not exposed parts) Determination of melanocyte index to reduce the average total amount. VISIA imaging system records. After 4 weeks, all subjects of the treated group the six parts in the body melanocytes index reduced. Right cheek and left forearm (by sunlight parts), melanocyte index decreased significantly compared with placebo medication group, and tolerance are awesome. According into the research, small-scale test of oral glutathione has relating the shades. However, its safety needs confirmed in more extensive clinical studies. It is worth noting that glutathione melanocyte only plays a role on both pigment. Applying drugs could not help to alter the pathological process of pigmentation (chloasma, natural color). It is a good idea to prevent pigmentation. Glutathione oral dosage forms; effect part is really good - if a lot of use, can be performed almost much like the sun black. The so-called large-scale use, it is not marked dose. However, the generally recommended dose is one to two day, can minor Hacking. If you use four a day, you get the initiative to brightening. For melasma, glutathione also has good efficiency. The drawback constantly that it is disabled after the stopping removing. Hepatitis as one China's national diseases, it is treated by confused use between milk thistle extract and glutathione and. Some obese patients with fatty liver have for curing the ill health. After four in order to 5 days, the liver function index decreased quite significantly. The smelling of the mouth, the feelings are vastly been enhanced. These two ingredients are very important to the liver. Source:
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