Sodium lauroyl sarcosine LS30 performance and technical indicators

by:Green Stone     2020-05-16
Sodium lauroyl sarcosine LS30 performance and technical indicators of INCI name laurel acyl sarcosine sodium LS30 ( 月桂酰钠SARCOSINATE) Product overview lauroyl sarcosine sodium is a very mild surfactant, can form fine and persistent foam, with compound with other surfactants, has the very good synergistic effect, can reduce the traditional surfactants produced by stimulating and improving the foaming power. Used for daily skin cleaning and personal bath products. Fly chemical specialized supply lauroyl sarcosine sodium LS30 high-quality cosmetics such as raw material. Technical indicators appearance: clear and transparent liquid pH: 7. 0 - 8. 5 ( 25 ℃, 10% aqueous solution) Activity content: 30 + 1 ( %) Sodium laurate 1 or less. 5 ( %) 1 product performance. Mild surfactant, SLES ( Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate) Gentle in 7 times 2. Good compatibility with other anionic surface agent; Compatibility with other surfactants can get excellent foaming effect. 3. In the salt water and hard water also can improve the foaming ability. Can improve the softness of the hair and comb 5. In strong alkali to pH5. 5 environments are relatively stable, applicable Yu Zaoji cleansing cream and slightly acid cleanser in 6. Cooperate with other anionic surface active agent, can reduce the stimulus and its system improve the foaming ability of 7. A good compatibility with the sanitizer, suitable for disinfection and sterilization composition in shower gel, hand sanitizer, cleansing liquid, do not affect washing and foaming ability application field liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo foam shaving supplies, oral cleaning supplies cleansing liquid, soap base cleansing cream, cleanser suggested usage 3 baby products. 0 - 30. 0%, as the main surfactant or auxiliary surfactant. Method of use in the formula dissolves to join other surfactants, finally adjust pH and viscosity. Packing and storage: 200 kg/barrel storage: store in ventilated, shady and cool place.
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