Sodium lauroyl sarcosine, gentle amino acid frother, LS30 used in cleansing milk formula

by:Green Stone     2020-05-20
Sodium lauroyl sarcosine, gentle amino acid frother, LS30 using N - in the cleansing milk formula Laurel acyl sarcosine is a kind of anionic surfactant, sodium lauroyl sarcosine sodium there are two kinds of state is a solid, L - 95). This product is a white or yellowish powder, have peculiar smell gas, aqueous alkaline neutral. The second is liquid ( L30) Colorless and clear liquid. Many advantages such as washing, emulsification, penetration, solubilization properties; The foam of the superior; The antibacterial sterilization, mouldproof and corrosion resistant, antistatic ability; Low toxicity, low irritation; Biodegradation performance is good, the environment pollution-free, etc. Today we mainly to explain liquid lauroyl sarcosine sodium, mild foaming agent, amino acids LS30 used in cleansing milk formula. Sodium lauroyl sarcosine LS30 is anionic surfactant, colorless to light huang color transparent liquid, foaming performance is good, rich foam stability, good decontamination and antistatic ability, to hard water and electrolyte tolerance is higher, with other agent and non-ionic surfactant anionic surface matching, enhance its various functions. Can improve the non-ionic surface agent cloud point. Laurel acyl sarcosine sodium is a kind of protein substance, is good for skin and hair soft, can form a layer of protective film on skin and hair, reduce detergent formulation of irritating ingredients to the skin and hair damage, degreasing effect is weak, not damage the skin, clean without soap sense of friction. Also has a mild antiseptic effect. Fly chemical specialized supply: lauroyl sarcosine sodium, gentle amino acid frother, LS30, laurel acyl sarcosine sodium LS30 cosmetics raw materials. Usage laurel acyl sarcosine sodium LS30 2 times the amount of pure water can be added directly placed in c, bottle, froth is used to wash hands, wash your face, and clean the sensitive parts and baby wash protect skin, smooth and moist is not tight after washing, can add a few drops of essential oil, hide detergent smell, make your own delicious without adding natural care products. Can also add other surfactants used in, adding 1% to 5%, increase the foaming ability and foam stability of other surfactants, improves the performance of the other surfactants. Used for low stimulation of shampoo, lather and steady, strong affinity to the hair, used as a conditioning shampoo, improve hair comb, reduce static electricity. On skin cleanser, facial acne treatment, it can be match with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide etc, do not affect its activity, and also can be used repeatedly to allergy skin, stimulating is extremely low, medicated cosmetics, such as dandruff shampoo, acne cream, etc. Also can be used as a hand soap and bath soap additives. Wash protect product reference formula is as follows: 1. Amino acids gentle cleansing mousse: amino acid frother 20 ml of pure dew or pure water 5-70 ml of essential oils 10 drops glycerin 10 ml of compound preservative 0. 。 中打开5名为ml2 Fibroin cleansing mousse: amino acid foaming agent or coconut oil foaming agent 40 ml fibroin 0. 1 g of pure dew/pure water 60 ml compound preservatives 0. 5 ml essential oil 5 ~ 10 drops of 3. High olive bubble cleansing oil ( Niuer recommended) Olive oil 60 ml coconut oil foaming agent or amino acids frother above 40 ml will mixture material. This cleansing oil on clean skin at the same time, and both the nourishing effect. 4. Milk cream cleanser pure milk frother 70 ml amino acids or 30 ml coconut oil foaming agent compound preservatives 0. 5 ml5。 Soft sensitive cleansing mousse amino acid frother 20 ml glycerin 10 ml of distilled water or chamomile water 65 ml licorice or marigold extract 5 ml of compound preservative 0. 5 ml note 1. After opening deposit at room temperature in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. 2. Neutral, sensitive and dry skin priority cleaner. Laurel acyl sarcosine sodium LS30 can form fine and persistent foam, with other surfactants distribution, has the very good synergistic effect, can reduce the traditional surfactants produced by stimulating and improving the foaming power. Used for daily skin cleaning and personal bath products. Should be more widely milder in the cleanser.
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