Silicone elastomer gels to build new skin feeling beauty skin care products

by:Green Stone     2020-04-09
Silicone elastomer gels create beauty &skin care products new skin feeling 【 Summary 】 Silicone elastomer is high molecular weight organic silicon elastomer powder and cyclic siloxane blend, has a fixed sphere shape and volume, in the process of using this product can not be completely dissolved in the oil, can only exists in the form of stable dispersion, high volatile content and high elastic to make it have clear skin feeling, also has the characteristics of super containment and instant covered wrinkle, can give the skin smooth, soft and velvet touch. ( Fly rui chemical cosmetics raw materials such as professional supply silicone elastomer for you) 【 Index] 1. Appearance ( 25℃) : colorless translucent paste; 2. Solids ( %) : 13. 00 - 15. 00; 3. Penetration ( 25℃,毫米) : 6. 00 - 11. 00; 4. The proportion of ( 25℃) : 0. 95 - 0. 97; 5. The content of D4 ( %) < 1. 0 【 Properties 】 1. Let your cosmetics, skin care and sunscreen products have silicone elastomer gels of outstanding dry, smooth, delicate feeling. 2. Improve flexibility of formula, to achieve the compatibility with a variety of organic compounds, including natural oils, butter and organic sunscreen is compatible with 3. The transparent products with organic ingredients, allows you to have outstanding product is dry, smooth and delicate touch. Raise water formula or anhydrous formula product appearance beauty' Areas of application 】 Silicone elastomer used in skin care products ( Lotion, cream, gel, moisturizing spray, wet paper towels) 【 Usage 】 1. Silicone elastomer can be used alone, also can join the other ingredients used in rapid development and stable formula protects skin to taste, for example, make simple body cream; 2. Can be diluted the emulsion, then add the thickening agents such as kaposi resin, in order to get the desired consistency, join in cream cosmetics grade silicon wax and essence, can get a sense of the skin like silk. 3. Silicone elastomer easy cleaning with water, because the silicone elastomer was emulsified water phase, when the cleaning production equipment can be cleaned with water.
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