Silicone elastomer gels in daily overview and its application in cosmetics

by:Green Stone     2020-05-13
Silicone elastomer gels overview and application in daily cosmetics' Product description 】 Silicone elastomer ( INCI/CTFA: dimethyl siloxane crosslinking polymer emulsion powder) Ingredients for polydimethylsiloxane crosslinked polymer in ring e siloxane and polydimethylsiloxane mixture; High internal phase organic silicon content, easy for rapid development of skin care products containing the emollient formula; Silicone elastomer emulsifier is organic silicone surfactants, can play to the greatest extent regulate performance of silicone elastomer. Silicone elastomer gels can be widely used in all kinds of personal care product formula, can add in water system, easy operation, can obtain lasting, feels like velvet powder, in eye products, can provide more instant and anti-wrinkle effect. ( Fly chemical specialized supply high-quality cosmetics raw materials such as silicone elastomer) 【 Product features 】 1. Let your cosmetics, skin care and sunscreen products have silicone elastomer gels of superior sense of dry, smooth, delicate; 2. Improve flexibility of formula, to achieve the compatibility with a variety of organic compounds, including natural oils, butter and organic sunscreen compatible; 3. The transparent products with organic ingredients, allows you to have outstanding product is dry, smooth and delicate touch; 4. Silicone elastic physical ascension aqueous recipe or anhydrous recipe product appearance beauty; 【 Technical indicators 】 1. Appearance ( 25℃) : colorless transparent paste 2. Solids ( %) : 13. 00 - 15. 003. Penetration ( 25℃,毫米) : 6. 00 - 11. 004. The proportion of ( 25℃) : 0. 95 - 0. 975. The content of D4 ( %) < 1. 0 【 Areas of application 】 Hair care for oil products [sunscreen products that protect skin makeup products Suggest adding quantity 】 Hair care for oil products: 2 - - 10% skin sunscreen products: 1 2-5% make-up products: 70% 【 Usage 】 In use process, please try to reduce as far as possible to add or not add high viscosity oil, adding suitable amount of emulsion slippery feeling will be more outstanding, can be directly added in water phase.
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