Shampoo preservative calzone ( Assigned) The performance characteristics and application scope

by:Green Stone     2020-05-07
Shampoo preservative calzone ( Assigned) Performance characteristics and application scope of preservative calzone is mainly used in cosmetic preservative, due to the low toxicity, wide scope and effect of strong compatibility and cosmetics raw material performance is good, and can dissolve in water, easy to use, can be directly to join formula system. If and neper gold esters with use effect is better. This product can also be used for papermaking, cooling towers, metal cutting oil and preservatives in paints and coatings. Assigned should avoid products for direct contact with mucous membranes, such as: toothpaste, such as lipstick, eye products. Fly suspending agent SF - provides professional chemical industry 1 ( Liquid cabo) Cosmetics raw materials formula and technology support. Preservatives casson characteristics: 1, calzone preservative efficiency, non-toxic, antibacterial sterilization broad spectrum, long persistance. 2, calzone preservatives and all kinds of emulsifiers, surface active agent intermiscibility, compatibility with excellent performance. 3, calzone preservative will not change and color cosmetics, external use flat smell. 4, calzone preservative temperature without limit, is better under 80 ℃, 100 ℃ below the more than 90% efficient. 5, calzone preservative safe and convenient, stable properties, adding quantity is little, in the PH 3-9. Within the range of 5 are applicable. 6, calzone preservative low price, the price is far lower than similar products at home and abroad use: 1. Is widely used in hair shampoo, bath liquid and all kinds of skin, skin cream, cream, milk, senior nutrition cosmetics such as lipstick, liquid soap and detergent, tableware detergent, hair dye, leather polishing agent, softener, glue, topical ointment, the preservative of raw material, but the preservative calzone should avoid to be used in direct contact with mucous membrane products, formulated calzone preservatives, calzone preservative operating temperature should not exceed 50 ℃ for 2. Within the scope of the PH = 1 ~ 8 are effective. The maximum recommended dose of assigned 0. 1%. 3. As cosmetics, textile printing and dyeing, paint and other anti-corrosion mouldproof the growth of the use of effective antimicrobial drugs. 4. With a broad spectrum of activity, good compatibility and low toxicity when used. Therefore assigned a preservative preservative is a valuable commodity. 5. Generally in low concentration, for a long time suppress the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast. 6. Commonly encountered in the cosmetics, textile printing and dyeing, paint the entire pH range of 7 effectively. The product does not produce color and odor. 8. Has significant resistance to gram positive and negative, fungi and yeast.
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