Shampoo layered ( The appearance of jelly) What do I do

by:Green Stone     2020-05-11
Shampoo layered ( The appearance of jelly) What shampoo the shelf life of the general is 3 years, but when we buy back the shampoo or stored for a long time will appear statified phenomenon, this is what reason, today we are going to simply analyse. 1. Water quality is not up to standard, high electrical conductivity, destroyed the decentralized system, make the oily substance, or to undermine the micelle structure, generate new phase; So time shampoo is bad, old, separate chemical composition. 2. Microbial levels of water deterioration or corrosion protection system do not good, suggest testing the water quality of the total number of colonies and add preservatives or DMDMH ( B ureide) 。 When using the shampoo to avoid bring in bacteria cause metamorphism. 3. Raw material is not stable, especially the emulsified silicone oil, inferior emulsified silicone oil for long time, easy demulsification and cause oil/water separation. And system if pearl pulp, ZPT anti-dandruff agent, titanium dioxide, such as insoluble solids, due to the large proportion of insoluble components scattered is not good, also easy to cause the separation, this kind of situation can only add suspending agent. Fly chemical professional with excellent suspending agent SF - 1, help you solve the problem of layered shampoo. 4. Temperature: put places not when, the sunlight or temperature is too high, can lead to some raw material hydrolysis, destroy the stability of the shampoo, layered, so should be stored in a cool, ventilated place. 5. High oil phase: to form a stable emulsion system, separation; Make the oil sink to the bottom, also apply liquid cabo SF - 1, you can solve this problem. 6. Under the inorganic salt content, too low turbidity, suggest to add resistance to jelly thickening agent. 7. Viscosity return: shampoo is a mixture of complex system of dispersion, low viscosity, levitation force is insufficient, separation; Recommend to add something to suspension stabilizer SF - 1 two points to prevent shampoo stratified. Suspending agent SF - 1, you can keep the consistency in the product basic balance, don't change with the change of seasons. Another method is to directly add jelly thickening agent, manufacturer in order to save costs, can properly reduce the dosage of surfactant, macromolecule polymer thickener, resistance to jelly thickening agent is one of the most representative one, its operating process is simple, content is low, thickening efficiency, the highest cost performance. To sum up, shampoo layered formula compatibility reasons, storage conditions, material factors, and human factors and so on questions, hope we can suit the remedy to the case in the process of production, find out why, produce more satisfy consumers trust of shampoo. Fly rui chemical advantage products: sunscreen, lauroyl sarcosine sodium, formula of solid alcohol, cabo 940, 2020, cabo emulsion thickener, liquid cabo SF - 1, ZPT anti-dandruff agent, resist jelly thickening agent, toning white oil, emulsified silicone oil DC1785, preservative calzone, preservative DMDMH, cationic cellulose, climbazole, 305, amino acid moisturizing factor, cationic guar gum, hamamelis distillate, poly quaternary ammonium salt M550, emulsifier A165, soluble particles, true gold foil, poly quaternary ammonium salt M2001, water soluble lanolin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin VE, D - Panthenol, red myrrh alcohol
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