Shampoo ingredients have?

by:Green Stone     2020-05-13
Shampoo ingredients have? 1. Main surfactant activity in the shampoo if owner anionic surfactant, they are good foaming ability, lauryl ammonium sulfate, lauryl alcohol ether ammonium sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl ammonium sulfate, the concentration of supply usually has 25 ~ 28% and 70%, 25% of simple to use, and took longer to 70% of the stirring until evenly dispersed in the water, they are frequently used to rich foam, low stimulation, wash clear height, but does not generate strong degreasing. Are manufacturers at home and abroad. 2. Auxiliary surfactant coconut oil amide propyl betaine, it is an amphoteric surfactant, mainly on increase and stabilize the bubbles, also can reduce by the main surfactant of irritating to eyes. Dosage generally between 2 and 10%. Are manufacturers at home and abroad. 3. Thickening agent, inorganic salt, A the most common is sodium chloride, within A certain range increase gradually with the increasing amount in consistency, but too much later, viscosity decreases. Betaine, coconut oil amide class B it has obvious increase viscosity. Dosage generally between 2 and 10%. C, modified cellulose, such as jelly thickening agent FR - resistance 2001. Fly rui chemical website: http://www. feiruichemical。 Com D, polyethylene glycol esters such as polyethylene glycol ( 400). Monostearate, polyethylene glycol ( 400 or 600) Double stearic acid ester, etc. E, natural rubber, the most commonly used with Chinese raw rubber, it thickens the obvious and consistency change is affected by temperature changes is small. 4. Conditioner A and emulsified oil give hair smooth, shining and repair tonic effect. Dosage generally between 1 ~ 5%. B, cationic polymer quaternary ammonium salt to the hair provide anti-static, together with the emulsified silicone oil, improve hair comb wet and dry properties. C, the rich fat liquor in shampoo make part of the oil in the process of adsorption on the hair, have the effect of moisturizing and hair care. Such as lipid derivatives, fatty acid glyceride polyoxyethylene wool derivative, etc. 5. Vitamin B5 (A, nutritional additives D - Panthenol) , vitamin E, vitamin B2 and B6; Quaternary amination of cationic protein hydrolysate ( Animals and plants) 。 B, functional additives anti-dandruff agent at present in most shampoos, mainly using the ZPT anti-dandruff agent, Octopirox and climbazole, their dandruff function main performance for strong bactericidal and bacteriostatic ability, as well as resistance to sebum overflow. Sunscreen sunscreen applied in shampoo is development trend in the future. Hair remover mainly plays in the process of shampoo to reduce the amount and degree of hair loss, and has functions of promoting blood circulation in the scalp capillaries. Refrigerant used especially in the summer. Cool and refreshing in the shampoo, to provide a feeling of cool and refreshing pleasant scalp. C, PH control is used to adjust the PH value of the final product, so as to adapt to the skin's PH value. The most commonly used are citric acid. D, pigment used to adjust the color of the final product, and satisfy the using demand of the products. 6. Essence according to the survey of the market and consumers around the demand, and shampoo sales object ( Target customers) Chosen appropriate flavor types, different point according to the scent, content is in commonly 0. 4 to 0. 8%. 7. Preservatives preservatives is to guarantee the quality of shampoo production of an important factor, it makes the shampoo in the warranty period stable quality, a microbial not exceed national standards. Should be paid attention to in use is not the more the better, in the case of microbial control, use as little as possible, in order to reduce the stimulation to scalp. The most commonly used with preservatives calzone and DMDMH. A mature shampoo formula should be combined with the characteristics of the above seven aspects, optimization of raw materials, the ratio between low reach excitant, rich foam, high XiJingDu, effect is good, in the warranty period, stable quality, suitable for the majority of the indices such as the needs of the consumers. To share: QQ space sina weibo tencent weibo renren more
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