Sex hormones in Milu Powder (Pilose Antler Powder)

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Botanical source: Cervus nippon Temminck/Cervus elaphus Linnaeus
Appearance: Yellow brown powder

1.Adjust the vitality and nourish the blood
2. Improve one's looks and beautifying
3. Treatment of blood diseases
4. Prevent aging
5.Improve sexual function
6.Treatment of insomnia
7.Anti-fatigue effect
8.treatment rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis

It Can Promote the penis to Increase, Increase Increase thickly and bigger, can solve The Sexual love fast, Prevent impotence premature ejaculation, sexual love and lengthen time.Indications: kidney in Vigo -rating, far-Strengthening, Suitable for lumbago, asthenia of kidney, drizzle ness and tinnitus, Especially For the impotence and Other deficiency of sexuality.
To promote virilty, replenish vital essence and blood, and strengthen the tendons and bones , to regulate the meridians related to the uters and conception, and promote the bursting of abscess and drainage of pus.

Impotenc, spermatorrha, or frigidty and infertilty; emaciaton, lassitude, aversion to cold, dizziness, tinnitus, impairment of hearing, back pain accopanied by cold sensation, and weakness of the limbs; abnormal uterine bleeding and leukorrha; chronic cores difficult to heal.

About Sex Hormones in Milu Powder(Pilose Antler Powder):
Sex Hormones in Milu Powder is mainly made of velvet wax.The sex hormones in Milu powder is also know as Pilose antler powder, Is A species of deer Known only in captivity. It Prefers marshland, Believed To Be am and is Native To The subtropics of China. It is a grazer of grass and water mixture plants.
Sex Hormones in Milu Powder has very strong health care effect,and it is a good fitness strong medicine.
The Sex Hormones in Milu Powder contains more amino acids, lecithin, vitamins and trace elements than ginseng; the antler is warm and not dry, has excitement and improves the body function.
Sex hormones are steroids (fat soluble compounds) that control sexual maturity and reproduction. These hormones are produced mainly by the endocrine glands. The endocrine glands in females are ovaries and those in males are testes. While both males and females have all types of hormones present in their bodies, females produce the majority of two types of hormones, estrogens and progesterone, while males produce mainly androgens such as testosterone. Most androgens produced by females are converted to estrogens and some androgens in males are also converted to estrogens. Sex hormones are synthesized from cholesterol (a fatty acid) and other compounds and secreted throughout a person's lifetime at different levels. Their production increases at puberty and normally decreases in old age.
Sex Hormones in Milu Powder can improve the cellular immunity and humoral immunity of the body, promote the transformation of lymphocytes, and has the function of an immunostimulating agent. It can increase the body's defense ability to the outside world, regulate the immune balance in the body, thereby avoiding the occurrence of diseases and promoting wound healing and healing of the body, thereby strengthening the body and resisting aging.

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