Some Chinese herbal medicines and plants are natural mosquito repellent materials. The most typical of them is wormwood, which has a special aroma that can effectively repel mosquitoes. Every night, wormwood or moxa is ignited, and the smoke emitted can quickly fumigate the mosquitoes; or soak the wormwood and calamus in water to mop the floor, or boil it into warm water and apply it to the body as an insect repellent. Besides that, hanging a dry moxa in the room can also drive out mosquitoes, moths and insects.

Wormwood is a plant with a special odor, so its effect of deworming is quite good. In addition, its properties are warm, so it has effects of purifying the air, smoothing breath through aroma. People often smell it will feel clear-minded, highly perceptive, increasing memory, and it can even prevent colds. Because of the warm properties of wormwood, it is suitable for active tendons. Therefore, in Chinese medicine, folium artemisiae argyi or moxa is often used for acupuncture or moxibustion.The taste of wormwood can be absorbed into the body and the qi and blood of whole body can be freed so that the blood circulation will get better. If a person’s blood is unimpeded, his immunity will be naturally improved, In other words, he can stay away from evil influences such as colds and viruses.

So what should we pay attention to when using wormwood to repel mosquitoes?

  1. After lighting the wormwood, pay attention to the position of the wormwood placed. Remember to keep it away from anything that is easy to catch fire and put it in a safe place to avoid fire.
  2. After mopping the floor with wormwood water, carefully walk or walk on it until the floor dries to prevent slipping and falling.
  3. When igniting wormwood to repel mosquitoes, it is necessary to maintain the circulation of indoor air to prevent causing poor breathing due to strong odour of wormwood.
  4. Do not use wormwood repellent for a long time, smelling wormwood too often will cause human discomfort, especially those who are allergic to wormwood.