Red Vine Leaf Extract (Vitis Vinifera)

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
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Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera L.
Synonyms: Grape Leaf Extract
Appearance: Brownish yellow powder
Used Part: Leaf
Specification: 10:1 12:1
Active Ingredients: Polysaccharides

1. Scavenging free radical, eliminate speckles
2. Enhancing cardiovascular health.
3. Inhibiting growth and formation of certain types of cancer.
4. Improving visual performance in humans.
5. Reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
6. Reducing symptoms in gastric ulcers.
7. Protecting cells against drug, chemical and environmental pollutants toxicity.
8. Reducing aging and loss of elasticity in skin etc.

Red Vine Leaf extract comes from the vines of Vitis vinifera Linne. The red vine leaf is harvested when the leaves have the highest content of nutrients, including 10% polyphenols and flavonoids. After harvesting, a special process is used to dry the leaves and extract the nutrients using purified water and precise temperature controls. This dry extract contains valuable herbal substances, including the flavonoids quercetin and isoquercitrin. By using this special process you can rest assured that the product is of a high standard.
The leaves of the grape vine (Vitis vinifera) are an increasingly popular culinary vegetable, used in a variety of recipes from cuisines around the world. But more important, vine leaves are an excellent source of powerful antioxidant compounds with impressive health effects. The red vine leaf, in particular, has been found to help improve conditions related to poor blood circulation, notably varicose veins and associated symptoms.
Red vine leaf extract is a herbal medicine containing several flavonoids, with quercetin-3-O-beta-glucuronide and isoquercitrin (quercetin-3-O-beta-glycoside) as the main components.
Red vine leaf helps to ensure the normal functioning of leg veins. It acts to protect, seal and stabilise the walls of the blood vessels by reducing inflammation and by reducing the permeability of small blood vessels (capillaries) so that fluid does not leak outside the blood vessels so easily. By helping the flow of blood through the veins in the legs, Vein-Vine can help improve circulation and relieve pain and swelling so that you avoid the uncomfortable feelings of heavy, aching legs.
Other uses for grape leaves in general include the treatment of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, diarrhea, bleeding, sores, etc. The principle of action relies on the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of the leaves, which manifest to a greater extent in red vine leaves. Despite the efficacy, extracts from red vine leaves are perfectly safe, while regular consumption of grape leaves of any sort is very well tolerated.

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