Nutritional Ingredients

Nutritional ingredients refer to the nutrients and beneficial ingredients in food, including nutrients, moisture, dietary fiber, and so on. The raw materials used in dietary nutritional supplements are mainly from natural species, and also safe and reliable substances produced by chemistry or biotechnology, such as animal and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.

Our factory can provide plant extracts and other substances for customers to manufacture nutrition products for asnutrition, nutrition supplement, and healthy food.

Our nutritional products are roughly divided into three categories: Weight Loss Ingredients, Muscle Building Ingredients, and Liver-protection Ingredients.

1.Weight Loss Ingredients: 5-hydroxytryptophan, Higenamine, Rimonabant, Sibutramine
2.Liver-protectionIngredients: Athenentol, Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate, Diisopropylammonium dichloroacetate, Mogrosides
3.Muscle Building Ingredients: Creatin ethyl ester, Creatinine HCL, Instantized Whey Protein Isolate Powder, Saponin

Our nutritions are genearlly divided into three types: basic, healthy, and selective products, such as soy isoflavones, seal oil, and royal jelly.

Basic supplement we supply mainly supplements the nutrients that lacks or loses in the human body, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, lactic acid bacteria, protein, lecithin, EPA, DHA, collagen, chondroitin and so on.

Health supplement is the key to maintaining and improving health. The healthy ingredients mainly include soy isoflavones, seal oil, royal jelly, propolis, spirulina, ganoderma lucidum, aloe vera, squalene, sea buckthorn, alfalfa, etc.

Our advantage
1). ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001, HACCP, GMP Certificate, FDA registration number & EU registration
2). Professional service, free sample
3). Fast shipment
4). Export to 50 countries
5) 25 year’s production experience

Green Stone has nearly 25 years’ experience in the production of nutritional supplements, all the seven production plants have passed sever international quality and management certifications. All products are tested in accordance with CP, BP, USP, EP and other international advanced standards. At the same time, the company with a number of domestic authoritative research institutions and testing institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation, to ensure the quality of products to provide reliable technical support. In the fierce market competition, the company has won the recognition of the domestic and international markets by virtue of its strong enterprise strength, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service and excellent cost performance.

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