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Green Stone Swiss Co. Ltd. (Green Stone) is located in No.106, Houdaixi Road, Xiamen City, China. We are a modern enterprise specializing in the supply of ingredients. Wholesale cosmetic ingredients are one of Green Stone’s multiple product series. Green Stone provides a wide range of types and styles, and also good-quality products and reasonable price. With those, we can provide diversified choices for customers. Based on the principle of “creating the best service”, we can provide customers with a variety of reasonable services.

WhatsApp/QQ/Skype/Mob: +86 136 9695 0872

Our VP sales manager has over 25 years of management experience in all leadership roles.

Steven Lin

VP sales manager

WhatsApp/QQ/Skype/Mob: +86 173 0600 2753

Estella Zeng is responsible for all lead generation, customer service, and marketing operations.

Estella Zeng

Sale manager

WhatsApp/QQ/Skype/Mob: +86 189 6516 2351

Nancy Chan is responsible for the global sales, service and channel expansion into the European market.


Global seller