Polyhexamethylene Guanidine Hydrochloride(PHMG) with Bactericidal Effect

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Other name: Polyhexamethylene guaidine hydrochloride and phosphate
Structural formula: C3H6—NH—C (= NH) —NH—C3H6
CAS NO.: 57028-96-3
Molecular Formula: (C7H15N3)n•xHCl
Appearance: white powder
Purity: 99.0%min

1. Water treatment
- in swimming pools as an alternative to chlorine
- for industrial water(cooling tower, …)
Surface disinfecting
- hospitals
- algaecide for concrete surfaces
- all purpose surfaces disinfectant
2. Food industry
- mink feed preservative
- beet sugar disinfectant
- precleanning of fresh vegetables
- cleaning solution for food contact equipment
3. Leather industry
- preservation of hides and skins
- Vet applications
- teat dip mixtures, teat dip cloth, animal blood preservation
- veterinary operations
- preservative used for vet products
4. Cosmetics
- cited in the European Cosmetic directory
- contact lens cleaner
5. Pharmaceuticals
- wound operations disinfectant
- active used in nose drop / eyes diseases treatment products
6. Other applications
- preservative used in the paper industry
- disinfectant used in the secondary oil recovery
Performance and Features:
1. Kill and inhibit various microorganisms with high efficiency and broad spectrum.
2. Bacteria do not develop drug resistance.
3. There is no toxicity to human body and higher animals in the concentration.
4. Colorless and odorless without irritation to skin and mucous membrane.
5. No corrosion to the treated surface.
Product Description:
The guanidine group in Polyhexamethylene Guanidine Hydrochloride(PHMG) has a high activity, which makes the polymer become electropositive. Therefore, it is easy to be absorbed by all kinds of bacteria and viruses that are usually electronegative, thus inhibiting the division function of bacteria and viruses, and making bacteria and viruses lose their reproductive ability. Membranes formed by the polymer block the microbes' breathing passages, causing them to quickly suffocate.
Polyhexamethyleneguanidine Hydrochloride (PHMG) is able to completely destroy a variety of bacteria, including Colon Bacillus, S. Aureus, C. Albicans, N. Gonorrhoeae, Salm. Th. Murum, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Listeria Monocytogenes, S.Dysenteiae, ASP. Niger, Brucellosis, C. Parahaemolyticus, V. Alginolyticus, V. Anguillarum, A.Hydrophila, Sulfate Reduction Bacteria etc. Polyhexamethyleneguanidine Hydrochloride (PHMG) can be used to clean skin and mucous membrane, clothes, surfaces, fruits and indoor air.
Polyhexamethylene Guanidine Hydrochloride(PHMG) can be used for decontamination and resistance of microbe, including bacteria, virus, fungi, mildew and algae; in the field of medical use , hygiene, textile, wet-tissue. fishery, planting ,food-processing, water treatment etc.

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