Polybutene 2400

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Appearance Transparent liquid

Colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, safe contact, no sensitization to skin, excellent compatibility with other cosmetics raw material, has excellent oxidation stability, resistance to ultraviolet radiation performance, good thickening, increased viscosity, lighten the sex, hydrophobic, opaque water vapour and other gases. Widely used in lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, lipstick, lip oil, powdery cake and facial mask surface glue, mascara, etc.
Polybutene 2400 is one kind of synthetic hydrocarbon polymer with no sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen hydrocarbon polymer contents, which is a transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, viscous liquid with the purity, solubility, oxidation stability, lubricity, oxidative stability, viscosity promoting, high-temperature decomposition, breathability, hydrophobicity and emulsibility, compatibility, mobility, flexibility, stability, sealing, pour point depressant susceptibility. LM PIB is valuable lubricant and viscosity modifier.

Is used as a binder, epilating agent, and viscosity increasing agent in cosmetics.

It can be used as drawing oil, gear oil, tackifier, adhesive, plasticizer and release agent, etc.
It can be used as
drawing oil
gear oil
release agent
Hydraulic Fluids
Compressor Oils
Metal Working Fluids
Gear Oils
2-Stroke Engine Oils
Transmission Fluids
Quench Oil(Accelerated Cooling Brightener)

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