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Omega 6 Epo Evening Primrose Oil Softgel GMP Certificated

Omega 6 Epo Evening Primrose Oil Softgel GMP Certificated

Omega 6 Epo Evening Primrose Oil Softgel GMP Certificated

Product Specification
500mg to 1400mg, food grade
Place of Origin
1 kg
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T/T 100% paid in advance
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Omega 6 Epo Evening Primrose Oil Softgel GMP Certificated



Product name: Omega 6 Epo Evening Primrose Oil Softgel GMP Certificated
Specification: 500mg to 1400mg, food grade
Transport Package: Bulk, Bottle or Blister
Function: Lowering Blood Pressure

Evening Primrose Oil softgel, I. E. EPO softgel, 500mg, 1000mg, 1300mg,1400mg





Cold Pressed, Organic, Evening Primrose Oil
E. P. O. (evening primrose oil) can effectively improve skin, cardiovascular function and premenstrual comfort.
Also, E. PO contains organic cold pressed pure virgin oil produced meanwhile without using any solvents or additives. Various studies have shown that EPO may help support the appearance of healthy skin. A clinical trial reported that EPO can promote health research by regulating IFN-γ. Another study showed that EPO can promote skin health and lead to more favorable changes in eicosanoid metabolism. Animal studies have shown that EPO may support healthy supplemental metabolism, and may have promoted glutathione clinical trials to report that GLA in combination with EPA / DHA can significantly promote healthy cardiovascular function in women. Thus, EPO may support premenstrual comfort.

We provide you OEM service to produce softgel capsule.
Evening primrose oil is a seed oil extract made from evening primrose flowers. It is the richest natural source of bioactive polyunsaturated oils. Natural product omega-6 essential fatty acid γ-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is essential for the human body to produce prostaglandins. Nature's Evening Primrose Oil contains 10% (100 mg) GLA per capsule. As a natural supplement, it may be useful for relieving premenstrual symptoms.

Why use Evening Primrose for treatment
Women with PMS are thought to have elevated levels of essential fatty acids and GLA (γ-linolenic acid). For most of time, this is because that a hormone can imbalance in the body during menstruation. Among women of childbearing age, 70 per cent of the opposition are pre-problems.

Traditionally, evening primrose oil has been absorbed as a supplement to reduce premenstrual tension, pain and breast discomfort.
Ingredients: Each soft-gel capsule contains 1000mg Evening Primrose Oil (containing 100mg gamma-Linolenic acid [GLA] & Linoleic acid 700mg)

NO added: Sugar, yeast, milk, wheat derivatives, corn derivatives, starch, gluten, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavouring
Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Softgel


Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 10
Calories From Fat 10 
Total Fat 1 g 
Evening Primrose Seed Oil (cold-pressed)  1000 mg
- GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) (9 percent) 90 mg/100mg 
*Daily value not established.  
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