• What is the Mefloquine

    Methyloquine is a synthetic 4-quinoline methanol derivative. This drug can effectively kill the internal stage of the red blood cells, especially in the mature and the ripening body. There is no effect on the plasmodium and the gamete. Falciparum, which is mainly used in chloroquine or multidrug resistant, is used to enhance the efficacy of sulfonate and pyrimidine, and delay the occurrence of drug resistance. It is used for symptom inhibitory prevention and is used once every two weeks.

  • What is the effect of iodide

    What is the effect of iodide? A lot of people don't know about iodide, and here's the introduction to it:

  • What is the role of Mung-Bean-Sprout-Extract

    What is the role of Mung-Bean-Sprout-Extract? For many people, this herb extract is unfamiliar and here is the introduction to it:

    Mung bean is a kind of leguminous, butterfly flower acoris, which is native to India and myanmar. It is now widely cultivated in east Asia, with a small number of plantations in Africa, Europe and the United States. China, myanmar and other countries are the leading exporter of green beans.