Neem Extract Powder

Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
Payment Term   T/T 100% paid in advance


Latin Name: Azadirachta Indica
Appearance: Brown Yellow powder
Test Method: TLC
Product Specification: 4:1 ;10:1;20:1

Natural Quality Neem Extract Powder TLC
Neem is a fast-growing deciduous trees, the name of the seeds, and bark can be used as a medicine. Neem is 2013 recognized ideal insecticidal plants in the world. Neem is a kind of highly oxidized vitamin p, with many similar functional groups. Once isolated from neem seeds to AZ AZ - A - G 7 kinds of active compounds, which are the main insecticidal component A. Extracted from the fruit of the neem neem element composition such as is now the world recognized the broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and easy degradation, no residues of pesticides and no drug resistance, to indoor bug has the killing effect of fleas.
1. Neem element and its preparation is used for insect, avoid is avoided, growth regulation, sterilization, and other functions. Formulation of neem element known to more than 400 species of insects show different biological activity.
2. Neem element from neem tree species in a biological pesticides, will cure more than 200 kinds of farming, forestry, warehousing and health pests, is the world recognized the broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and easy degradation, no residues of pesticides.

Main Function
1.Relieve internal fever & heat​​​​​​;
2.Natural pesticide to killing pests in agricultural chmicals field:
3.To kill rice stem borer, rice fulgorid, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee (rice leaf roller), and other alimentary crops(cereal/grain) pests;
4.To kill p.rapae, diamond back moth, cockchafer and other vegetable pests;
5.To kill Fenusa sp., citrus mite and other fruits pests;
6.To kill Aleurocanthus spiniferus Quaintance, Euproctis pseudoconspersa,and Myllocerinus aurolineatus Voss.and other tea insects.

The bitter leaves are used as a pot-herb being made into soup or curry with other vegetables. The slightly aromatic and bitter taste which neem impart to the curries thus prepared, is much relished by some. The leaves are moreover an old and popular remedy for skin diseases. The fruits are described as purgative and emollient and useful in intestinal worms, urinary diseases and ulcers.
Industrial uses
Neem is used for effective control against pests and insects. It could be applied during immature pest stages. It kills the pest immediately.


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