Natural Plant Extract Arctigenin Powder

Natural Plant Extract Arctigenin Powder

Brown yellow powder 
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10:1 Arctigenin 95% 20% 30% 
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1 kg
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Natural 99% Arctigenin Powder Improves Antioxidant Status 

Extraction Source: The fruit of a kind of feverfew-Arctium lappa L.
Used Part :  Root 
CAS No.: 7770-78-7 
Molecular Weight: 372.41
Molecular Formula: C21H24O6 
Test Method: UV HPLC GC
Specification:  ≥95%

Solubility: Soluble in DMSO (34 mg/ml), water (sparingly), and ethanol (25 mM). 
Storage:Store at -20° C 
Melting Point: 219.94 °C (Predicted) 
Boiling Point: 567.00 °C at 760 mmHg (Predicted) 
Density: 1.23 g/cm3 (Predicted) 

Pharmacological Effects:
Inhibit the excretion of total protein in urine, improve hypercholesterolemia, strongly inhibit the production of superoxide, anti-platelet aggregation activity, anti-inflammatory effect, in vitro inhibit the growth of human type leukemia cell lines hl-60 and molt-4. Inhibit hiv-1 replication.
Used for content determination, identification, pharmacological experiment and activity screening.

It has been found to act as an agonist of adiponectin receptor 1 (AdipoR1).



Arctigenin is found in burdock. Arctigenin is isolated from Cnicus benedictus, Forsythia viridissima, Arctium lappa, Ipomoea cairica and others (CCD). 
Arctigenin is an effective active ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine--Arctium lappa L..
In recent years, it has been proved by scholars that it has a variety of pharmacological effects, such as anti-inflammatory, immune regulation, antiviral, anti-tumor activities, as well as certain therapeutic effects on diabetic nephropathy and some neurodegenerative diseases.
The use of arctigenin has been shown to be effective in a mouse model of Japanese encephalitis.Arctigenin is a dibenzyl butyrolactone lignan agent with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies describe Arctigenin to potently block TNF- α production and NO secretion. MAP kinase studies show that Arctigenin effectively inhibits the activity of MAP kinases and AP-1 activation through vigorous inhibition of MKK. Additional studies report that Arctigenin acts as a potent inhibitor of PAC-1 activity. Arctigenin has also been shown to bind to kainic acid receptors and protect neurons from neurodegeneration induced by glutamate, and inhibit HIV-1 integrase. Furthermore, this compound acts as an inhibitor of IκB phosphorylation. Arctigenin is an inhibitor of MEK-1 and Topo II.

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