Place of Origin      China
MOQ    1kg
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CAS: 7681-93-8
Molecular Formula: C33H47NO13
Molecular weight:665.7252
Appearance:white powder
PH 5 -- 7 No activity loss
PH 3 -- 5 10% activity loss
PH<3 or PH>9 30%activity loss
Expiration: two years in cool (0°C - 10°C), dry conditions, away from direct sunlight in original unopened packs.

Product Description
Natamycin is a white or slightly yellow powder. It is very stable at room temperature; the solubility is very low in water and in most organic solvents. Only 50mg natamycin can be dissolved in 1 L pure water at room temperature. This low solubility makes it very suitable for use on the surfaces of food. Natamycin will stay on surface of the food, where most moulds and yeasts may grow, but does not influence the natural course of fermentation inside.
Natamycin is one of the most effective natural food preservatives for preventing the growth of yeast and mold.Natamycin has been used for decades in the food industry as a hurdle to fungal outgrowth in dairy products and other foods.

Main Function
Natamycin (Pimaricin) is an antifungal which can be used as antibiotic to treat most fungus infections. Natamycin is an natural antimicrobial food additive used to protect food from mold and yeast growth. Its application is reliable and safe to human body. It has been globally used in a variety of foods and beverages. Natamycin is deemed to be a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) substance in USA, and is assigned to be the number E-235-natural preservative in European Union.
Food preservative. Ideal result can be achieved by using Natamycin on the exposed surface of the food where the moulds and yeasts may grow. This is especially useful for cheese manufacture, since the mould growth is prevented, while the cheese ripening bacteria will grow and metabolize normally.

Natamycin is both safe and effective at protecting WINE, FRUIT JUICES, CHEESES and OTHER FOOD PRODUCTS from the deterioration caused by moulds, yeasts and other fungal growths. USED IN: Outer surfaces of cheeses,Sausages and meat products,Dairy products, Fruit juices and concentrates,Wines.
Natamycin is a new broad and high-effective natural food preservative and the only approved anti-fungal preservative in the international area. Natamycin not only inhibits the growth of fungi, but also inhibits the production of their toxin. Natamycin has no effect on bacteria, so it does not prevent the natural maturing process of yogurt,cheese, fresh harm, sausage, etc. It would not impact food taste. Meanwhile, natamycin is difficult to be absorbed by human digestive tract so that it is safe for human being. Until now Natamycin has been approved as food preservative in morn than 40 countries.
Natamycin can be added directly to foods by mixing, dipping or spraying. Depending on the application, the amount of natamycin needed varies. To prevent growth of all known food spoilage yeasts and moulds, up to 0.01g/L or 0.04g/Gallon.

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