Market Growth of Chinese Chemosynthetic Polypeptide

by:Green Stone     2020-07-17
(CRI-report) - Chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs are drugs combining the certain amino acids in chemical methods, which are described as favorable curable effects, few side-effects, high specificities and medicines. In the pharmaceutical industry, chemosynthetic polypeptides are the main focus of efforts. On one hand, the warning signs of polypeptide drugs are in assortment and the curative effects are obvious, mainly for that application of tumor, metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, etc. On the other hand, the development-success ratio of polypeptide drugs is high compared certain of traditional drugs as well as the approval ratio is also obviously compared to that of micromolecule chemical drugs. Dependant upon historical data, the approval ratio of polypeptide drugs in clinical research is 23 % to 26 %. To be the rapid improvement of biochemical technologies and generic engineering field, polypeptide drugs are likely to the existing medicines. By the end of 2011, there were 68 polypeptide drugs approved to industry (at least to sell in one country)globally, among which there have been 51 treatment drugs mainly used in 14 cure fields, our.e., tumors, immunoregulation, cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, etc. In 2011, essential sales was about USD ten.8 billion. At present, there are no longer 140 polypeptide drugs globally amidst the clinical trial and also 500 to 600 medicine is at the stage of research before clinical work. On the inside perspective of history, had been 1.2 new polypeptide drug candidates entering clinical research period annually in the 70s of 20th era. The number most recent polypeptide drug candidates was separately 4.6 in the 80s and being.7 in the 80s. During 2000 and 2008, exercises, diet tips 16.8, having a steady increasing trend. (source: China's polypeptide drugs start late. An order of multinational corporations did not introduce polypeptide drugs to China's market until the 1990s. It develops into relatively mature technologies and supporting industries nowadays. Influenced by incomplete statistics, pharmaceutical enterprises specializing the actual world production of biochemical and biological drugs reaches over 400, among which about 80% produce polypeptide drug preparations or active pharmaceutical ingredients in varying sorts of. The number of manufacturers is gradually on the rise. Utilizing the constant improvement of the R&D ability of China's polypeptide drugs, China's polypeptide drugs are fast maturing. In 2011, the market scale of China's polypeptide drugs achieved CNY twenty-eight.9 billion. In view of advantages with the low impurity content, costs and so forth of chemosynthetic method, in order to gene recombination method and animal and plant extraction method, it rapidly develop. In 2011, the marketplace scale of China's chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs was CNY 8.92 billion, accounting for 30.87% for this total polypeptide drug field. The annual consumption of China's polypeptide drugs also quickly promotes. It was 85.95 million in 2007 and reached 260 million in new. The average annual growth rate during the 4 years was as high as 36%, far higher than the growth rate of market scale, mainly owing to the rapid increasing consumption of the low-price oxytocin. Among them, the output of China's domestic enterprises is the reason for the majority, while rates of imported or foreign branded goods are generally over 3 to times which domestic medicine, the main sales are contributed by foreign-funded enterprises therefore. In relation to its the segmentation varieties, China's chemosynthetic polypeptide drug marketplace is mainly containing thymalfasin, thymopentin, somatostatin, octreotide and thyrocalcitonin, which is a lot different from product composition in developed polypeptide drug market on foreign soil. In recent years, while the proportion in the five products in total market drastically declines, from nearly 85% in 2007 to 76% in 2011, in the coming period planet future, the five products will still occupy the major market, which is not only determined by the medicine use habit of China's residents and doctors but also the technological degree of China's polypeptide drug manufacturers. Generally, China's domestic enterprises are still in the period of imitating the polypeptide drugs purchased developed locations. At present, the technological difficulties on the imitation of China's chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs lies in how to make polypeptide APIs in large and from suppliers in line with require of GMP. However, perhaps be seen that China's chemosynthetic polypeptide drug market quickly develops out of nothing. In 2006, current market scale was just CNY 2.63 billion and it surmounted CNY 3.92 billion by 2011. Compared with the compound growth rates of China's market and global market during 2007 and 2011, the former was far higher when compared later, separately 25% and 11%. In the light of the sound trend of China's chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs, with the consideration on the development of China's economy and the increase of medical levels, in order to predicted how the market scale of China's chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs will rapidly still expand from the future years, reaching CNY 15.7 billion by 2016. More following information could be acquired through good research Report on Chinese Chemosynthetic Polypeptide Drug Industry, 2012: -Supply and Demand of China's Chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs -Policy Environment of China's Chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs -China's Major Manufacturers of Chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs -Development Trend of Chemosynthetic polypeptide drugs Following people are recommended client Research Report on Chinese Chemosynthetic Polypeptide Drug Industry, 2012: - Pharmaceutical Enterprises -Manufacturers of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) -Investors and Research Institutions Focusing on Chemosynthetic Polypeptide Drug Industry Full report:
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