The common liver-protection ingredients produced by our company are as follows.

(1) Silymarin has a stabilizing effect on cell membrane structure and cell metabolism, which can resist hepatocyte necrosis, reduce steatosis, promote protein synthesis, inhibit the elevation of alanine aminotransferase, and can be used to treat various viral hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis, and alcoholic hepatitis. It is commonly used in clinical practice, such as Yiganling, silibinamine (silibinin), and compound Yiganling (a compound tablet of silymarin and pentaerythritol).

(2) Salvia has the effect of promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood and calming the nerves. It can be used as one of the most basic drugs for the treatment of acute jaundice hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, severe hepatitis and cholestatic hepatitis.

(3) Liver preparations, such as liver extract and liver essence, are a traditional medicine used in many countries, rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B12, folic acid, hepatocyte stimulating factor, purine nucleoside and various amino acids, mainly used as medicines for hematological disease, having a repairing effect on hepatocytes of experimental liver injury. A large group of controlled clinical trials have been conducted, and it is considered to have an effect on chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

(4) Inosine can directly enter cells, participate in the metabolism of substances, and restore damaged liver cells, improve the function of organs, and may also be effective against white blood cells and thrombocytopenia.

(5) Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the main source of cellular energy, which plays an important role in regulating many metabolic processes and promotes the repair of hepatocytes.

(6) Coenzyme A is mainly involved in the oxidative metabolism of substances, which is conducive to the recovery of liver function.

(7) When glucurolactone is combined with bilirubin, metabolic waste, drugs and toxins, it is excreted from bile and has a detoxifying effect.

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