Liquid cabo SF - What's the use of 1 in cosmetics raw materials

by:Green Stone     2020-05-05
Liquid cabo SF - What's the use of 1 in cosmetics raw material product introduction suspension thickening agent SF - 1 ( Liquid cabo) , chemical name: acrylate copolymer emulsion, INCI: acrylic ester copolymer emulsion, CAS: 25133 - 97 - 5, the liquid is kaposi acrylic copolymer lipid, cabo SF - also known as liquid 1, ZPT cabo, color particle suspension, suspension liquid titanium powder, suspended silicone oil, pearl pulp products have good stability, make the product has good stability. Applicable to shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, skin cream, sunscreen, foundation emulsion and water-based latex paint. Fly chemical specialized supply suspension thickening agent SF - for you 1 ( Liquid cabo) Cosmetics raw materials. Kapo SF - performance description liquid 1 is anion slightly crosslinked acrylate copolymer, which is a kind of excellent rheological modifier and suspension stability of the superior ability, thickening and rheological change products, etc. Thickening agent SF - A cost-effective, easy to use, has the following properties: 1. Extremely high suspended ability, can float color particles, suspended ZPT anti-dandruff agent and suspended titanium powder, suspended insoluble components, such as pearl pulp for products such as smooth, beautiful appearance. Can also be effectively suspended stability of silicone oil, stable water-in-oil emulsion system; Thickening shampoo and body wash and change the rheological characteristics of products, to keep its viscosity basic balance, don't change with the temperature change and, to prevent shampoo shower gel layer; Wide compatibility compatibility and high transparency, with anionic, nonionic, zwitterionic surfactant compound with use, also can use with commonly used additive and conditioner, can be high transparent hair shampoo, bath liquid and other cleaning products; Can also be suspended color frosted particles, used for cream essence, also can be used for water-based coating, thickening suspended water-based latex paint. 4. Thickening agent SF - It has a very high pseudoplastic and high yield value, has excellent viscosity stability, and provides a smooth flow of rheology special, make the product has good stability, make the skin feel good, easy to uniform coating. With salt and surfactant can produce synergies to enhance the suspension, stability and thickening effect; Technical indicators brand: flying red liquid cabo appearance: a milky liquid solids: 30-2% PH: 2. 1 - 3. 4000-5: viscosity 8000mPa. S residual ethyl acrylate: < 1. 0 PPM usage with twice as much water to dilute the raw material first, and then at low temperature in the production of other components inside, in the second half of the products ( Prior to joining the citric acid, NaCL, flavors and preservatives) Add more appropriate, must make the pledge that we shall stir fully. Use and application of transparent shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning agents; Pearly shampoo and opaque cleaner; Polymer containing silicone oil conditioning products; Low PH value of the face and body cleaning products; Soap base class cleaning products; Shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, skin cream, sunscreen, foundation emulsion and water-borne latex paint. Packing storage 60 kg/barrel, a cool and ventilated dark place storage. Fly rui chemical advantage products: sunscreen, lauroyl sarcosine sodium, formula of solid alcohol, cabo 940, 2020, cabo emulsion thickener, liquid cabo SF - 1, ZPT anti-dandruff agent, resist jelly thickening agent, toning white oil, emulsified silicone oil DC1785, preservative calzone, preservative DMDMH, cationic cellulose, climbazole, 305, amino acid moisturizing factor, cationic guar gum, hamamelis distillate, poly quaternary ammonium salt M550, emulsifier A165, soluble particles, true gold foil, poly quaternary ammonium salt M2001, water soluble lanolin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin VE, D - Panthenol, red myrrh alcohol
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