Is Green Stone a trading company or a factory?
We not only sell therapeutic plant extracts but also produce it independently in a state-of-the-art factory, fully equipped with professional production equipment. And with highly-skilled and experienced employees, the industry-leading technologies, and scientific production management method, all products manufactured out of our factory are high-performance and meet the highest quality standards. Manufacturing at Green Stone Swiss Co.,Itd, the end results you get to see are high on performance, premium-quality, and durable. It is why many of the same customers come to us again and again, year after year.

Green Stone integrates scientific research, manufacturing and service which is the integrated provider of Liver-protectionIngredients. Green Stone's Anti-oxidation Ingredients series are created based on unremitting efforts. The design of Green Stone plant extract company has been confirmed by CIE, which ensures diffused light with suitable values of illumination without sacrificing aesthetics. The product can stay fresh for a long time. It is not susceptible to wrinkles, which can distort images. Its fabric’s weave type dictates this natural wrinkle resistance. The product can be stored at normal temperature.

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